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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Yeah, I was asking about the docked mode in particular, it was different. The times I had tried it, it didn't have the aiming aspect. But perhaps it maintained the timing aspect?
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  2. Nope. At least not with the pokéball controller. You had to toss it properly (which wasn’t hard but limp throws wouldn’t get you shit) and they still could run away if you kept missing.

    I think you controlled the direction too for aiming but can’t remember if it was by joystick or through moving the ball to a hard left/right.
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  3. To me, Let's Go was a (kind of late) way to get Pokemon Go players who hadn't played Pokemon games before into the mainline games by easing them into the series at Gen 1. It's also an excuse to remake Gen 1 which Gamefreak loves to do in some form or another.

    I can't see the DP remakes being a Let's Go style game. It just wouldn't make sense to skip aaall the gens in between. Although, if they do that, it would show how incredibly lazy they are. Let's Go is a way to bring in Go players, fans clamoring for DP remakes are not Go players who are new fans to Pokemon. It'd be a total disservice to give them a watered down remake.
  4. Well Monday ends with no announcements. I doubt they will reveal anything on Saturday or Sunday so that leaves us with 4 upcoming days when it comes to 25th annivesary reveals.
  5. I kind of loved Let’s Go for just how casual it was nn
  6. I can’t imagine the mainline games being announced yet actually. Usually it’s around May? I can see just bits and bobs from the whole franchise. The music project, anime, Pokémon Go, Snap, the horrible looking multiplayer game. Other mobile games? A lame interactive website for 8 year olds?

    I’m not and would encourage anyone else to not get your hopes up.

  7. Apparently there's also two new placeholders on the Nintendo Online Store for an upcoming dual-version game that will cost $ 59.99...
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  8. Also sorry for the double-post, but lemme share some rumours that are starting to pop up so we can collectively laugh (or cry) about them until we get the actual announcement.

  9. This was absolutely fine and almost comforting until I read the last sentence. GameFreak!!!!!!!
  10. Yeah that shit is so fake. That is way too many details about an unannounced game. We normally don't see legitimate details that thorough until at least 3 months before the game drops.
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  11. "No Battle Frontier" at the end of that 4chan post. I choose not to see it.
  12. I wouldnt expect a full reveal maybe but i will be surprised if they at least dont tease this years game like Sun and Moon back in the 2016.
  13. They clearly hate the Battle Frontier anyways, treating it like Britney treats “Soemtimes”. However the most shocking part of the leak is no new forms for Dialga and Palkia. I know it was really only a thing with OSAS but I thought the Primal forms were well-received?
  14. There’s no way those leaks are real. Way too much detail, down to even planned DLC dates? I don’t buy it. Also “Crasher Wake is black now”? Come on.

    And anyone hanging onto hope for a Battle Frontier is setting themselves up for disappointment.
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  15. It was looking fairly realistic up to that point, but that's when I knew for sure the leak was fake ddd
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  16. I'm still over here not wanting D/P remakes. Because we know GF will just fuck them up.

    For their 25th Anniversary...I want them to take a break. I'm tired of a series I've grown up with since R/B getting butchered year by year.

  17. @V3RYP05H grab your pokeball plus.

    edit: Oh, so they've been doing this with all the starters.
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  18. "Let's go, Sinnoh"? Interesting wording...
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  19. I care negative about Sinnoh remakes honestly. It feels almost like a fanon region to me - so many deeply pointless routes and towns and it just all felt so bloated. But if they dare to be radical and take a more wild area approach to some of it it could be elevated so high.
  20. Yes, ddd but this is the first time they’ve used the loaded phrase “let’s go” so sideeye.jpg

    It’s def a troll. Ddd
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