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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Nah, you are all trying to diminish the effort that went into those masterful eating curry animations and I won't have it!
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  2. I know it’s a shitpost account but considering it is canon, could you imagine if they actually put in examples of this?
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  3. Not this being canon:

  4. Speaking of hanging out with your Pokemon:

    I thought this was cute artwork
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  5. These are so cute! There's another set here too. I love the tiny legendaries.
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  6. Anyone ever read The Electric Tale of Pikachu comics?
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  7. I did read some of the first chapters when I was a kid. It was cool, the art style and interpretation of the world were a bit different.
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  8. I had a few of the graphic novels as a kid, they were really cool!
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  9. So I recently realised that I somehow completely missed Pokémon Sun and Moon! They're first and only main-line series games that I've missed so far. Really not sure how that happened, but the end of 2016 wasn't a good time for me. They're only £12.99 at Argos currently but I'm wondering if it's worth getting Ultra Sun/Moon instead? They seems to be more difficult to come by and are looking to be more like £38. Any advice?
  10. They're both... whelming. The Ultra versions add some extra content, but in the process somewhat mess up the story, so both pairs of games are not exactly great.
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  11. I wouldn't bother with the regular versions and go with Ultra Sun/Moon for a fuller/richer game, however they really messed with the "feel" in Ultra in various minor ways. They even messed with the already terrible ui, and made navigating menus painfully rigid and counterintuitive.
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  12. I'd go for Ultra Sun/Moon since they have extra Pokémon, extra features, extra story content, etc. But Sun/Moon are already solid games even without the extra stuff, so if they're that much cheaper than the Ultra versions they wouldn't be a bad pick either.
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  13. People keep posting an image of an opossum, a raccoon and a skunk, as a "next set of starters" joke and I am not sure if they do it because they think it's just cute and appropriate, or if they think it would be shit? It sounds like a best case scenario to me unless they turned into jobmons with strawman anatomy, of course.
  14. Get Sun or Moon. Honestly, all the extra content on the Ultra versions really isn't worth much at this point since you're playing it years after. Ultra completely ruined the narrative too, which was actually pretty good for a Pokémon game in the first one, with a plot twist or two along the way.
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  15. It’s just a meme. Opossums are the new Internet darling, raccoons and skunks (sorta) have all also been trash animal icons (trash as in that they deal with trash, not that they are). The fact they were photographed together was too perfect an opportunity to pass.
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  16. Ddd, yes. Also, yes, I understand the context of its meme status, I am just wondering if people think it's "haha, funny picture" or "haha, imagine if we got something this terrible" because I think they would legitimately be a great trio! I'd give them a badger early route friend too.
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  17. I never really played Pokemon Snap growing up outside of like, Blockbuster kiosks growing up, so I decided to buy the VC version on the Wii U this week and play through since I don't know if I want to pay $60 for the new one in April.

    So yeah... they definitely freaked it. Except Mew on the final stage can choke.
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  18. Have we all seen the alternate colors from Pokken for the mirror matches?
    You can check them if you go to each mon's page:
    Aegislash, Braixen, Chandelure, Charizard, Gardevoir, Gengar, Scizor are AMAZING.
    Garchomp's is better than its regular shiny.
    Blastoise, Darkrai, Machamp and Pikachu are the only poor/bad/unnecessary ones.
    Then there's also Decidueye which is simply its regular shiny, but that is a great shiny anyway!

    I wish they were not so terrible with their collectible shinies etc, I just want my mons in a great variety of color (and pattern) palettes so I can pick one that I think is cool and put it in a matching pokeball to fully customize my mons for my playthrough. Like, literally, they could allow these in game and then have the mons revert to defaults when traded, transferred to HOME etc and I'd be happy.
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  19. Zygarde 10% is their best dog design. If it was a regular mon it would probably be my favorite pokemon after bulbasaur/ivysaur. And I am not even crazy about dogs.
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  20. Not when the icons Houndoom and Houndour exist!
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