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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Oops, I knew this post was not a good idea. (=You are right.)
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  2. Mega Houndoom is a femme goth queen. I will not be elaborating on this point.
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  3. The first time I saw it, my mind immediately went to:
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  4. I wouldn't say it's necessarily the best dog design, but it is a great design, and it's an absolute waste for it just to be a Zygarde form rather than its own Pokémon, especially as it's weaker than the other forms so there's absolutely no reason to ever use it.
  5. Growlithe

    That’s the post
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  6. I don't know if Suicune is still considered a dog, but it is also pretty unbeatable in my mind.
  7. Raikou is my favorite legendary dog. That design is just bonkers and brilliant.
  8. Legendary dogs? Aren't Raikou, Entei and Suicune... big cats? A tiger, a lion, and a cheetah?
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  9. Leopard, not cheetah (it's not like it looks like either, ddd), but yeah. No idea how the name caught on and endured like it has. Really makes you think. And then the beta with the literal elemental dogs leaked and so far the only legitimate explanation is that we are in the matrix?
  10. Personally I think they all have both canine and feline features (like Eevee and its evolutions), but they lean more to the "cat" end of the spectrum, specially Raikou.
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  11. Yeah, I think Entei makes sense as both a dog and a lion. Raikou as a tiger and Suicune as a hooveless ungulate/kirin (nothing feline or canine about it in my eyes).
  12. Jam


    I remember as a kid, back in the days of Gold and Silver, Nintendo Official Magazine (my main source of info alongside various other gaming mags, and no steady internet) would always refer to them as Legendary Dogs in all their special guides etc. so the term always stuck with me. Even when I decided at a later point they clearly were not dogs, now I just refer to them as Beasts.
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  13. Yeah, they were definitely referred to as Legendary Dogs back in the day but Officially they’re Legendary Beasts which seems even more fitting.

    Can we talk about how the Legendary Birds are also known as Winged Mirages? Like... that’s such a great name it makes me sad the L-Beasts don’t have something similar.
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  14. People who refer to them as legendary dogs are wrong and need to be told they're wrong until they correct themselves. You don't need to call them cats, but dogs is just incorrect.

  15. Haha I knew @BEST FICTION would be triggered and here to fight on the matter! Personally... I’ve always called them dogs because as @Jam pointed out in reviews/promo/articles/unofficial things around release, in the UK at least, it was always dogs.
  16. WOOF. Yeah the only reason I called them legendary dogs is because... that's what they were called originally. But I'm fine not calling them dogs.

    Just none of you come for Raikou or there will be blood.
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  17. Thay probably translated the Japanese name inaccurately ddd. It's not like it's the only time that happened – anyone remember Tin Tower in the original Johto games, or Primal Dialga from Mystery Dungeon?
  18. RJF


    Uh... did The Pokémon Company get hacked?
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  19. Look at the date, sis.
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  20. RJF


    It’s 8PM this fucking NONSENSE should be OVER!!!!!!
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