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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Who's going to tell them. Or is that the joke?
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  2. Seriously though, there was more effort in the “bidoofery” than the games.
  3. Also, no one even attempted to joke about the rest of the dex returning, or, like, the option to turn exp share off returning on April 1st, huh. I guess you are not supposed to make jokes about the dead though.
  4. He is so fucking irritating

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  5. kal


    I mean, of course he’s gonna boot lick in order to get preferential treatment from TPC.

    Seriously, it’s so fucking transparent.
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  6. Homie thought he was doing something profound but he has legit posted that shit before.

    But are we surprised that a man who has been running a fan site this involved for over two decades now, loves this weak ass entry?
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  7. The fact that a person in his "position" within the fanbase has to make such statements and frame them as big, controversial etc means the dissatisfaction with the product is loud enough, and... at least we have that.
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