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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. I doubt we're getting compatibility with all existing Pokemon but I'm just hopeful that we at least get the Platinum Dex rather than the DP one.
    Imagine only having two fire types to choose between.
  2. I don't want to sound negative. But i wish S/S wouldn't have been a big hit. I don't like the way they are handling this franchise. I can't believe in the most recent Pokemon games. We can't have all mons. we can't have megas. While a console like 3DS a way less powerful console, was able to give us far more.
  3. You don't sound negative. This has all been talked about countless times in this thread, and around the internet. I think most people agree with you on things like this except for the guy who runs Serebii
  4. I've fully accepted that maybe... (new) Pokemon games aren't for me anymore.

    The last one I bought was Alpha Sapphire (which I never finished) a million eons ago and haven't felt the need to buy from Sun/Moon onwards. I'm pretty content with what the first five generations have to offer me.
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  5. I picked up my copy of Alpha Sapphire a bit ago after not playing it for years, and there were a bunch of special event and legendary Pokemon just chilling in my boxes. I am genuinely perplexed because I do NOT remember trading for these, and a fair few of them come from other trainers.

    Maybe I was drinking too much or something?
  6. They were distributing pretty much all Mythicals throughout 2016 (I think?) in celebration of the anniversary, that's probably why. Still my only legit Arceus to this day ddd.
  7. Rob


    From what I can recall I think The Pokemon Company usually host their own Direct a week or so before E3 so we should get news the first week in June.
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  8. If my brother was not so keen on getting all games and consoles, I wouldn't have bought any games after the first or second generation (because I absolutely detest the concept of version exclusives/alternate versions and trade evos). But maaaybe I'd be tempted to try again for the 5th and 6th gen, and I would not have bought anything after those either.

    Now my brother gets everything whether I like it or not, so it only makes sense that I also play through them. I am usually not finishing the games during their time but that is my fault for committing to training and evolving all mons in one playthrough. As is, they make your life hard if you want to train anything beyond a main team (wouldn't be an issue if they had multiple save files in earlier gens or new game+ in general).

    But I will probably always be following the franchise for the new monsters they add. Even if I don't like everything they add, it is still incredibly entertaining to follow.
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  9. It’s so sad how sometimes they won’t fix things in the name of “keeping it faithful” but then will pull some bullshit and be like “we wanted to innovate teehee” (see: OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire, FireRed/LeafGreen).

    All my hopes of the Sinnoh remakes including Region variants of the post-Gen 4 Pokémon were dashed when it was announced they were being worked on by another company. Sure it was a pipe dream but what’s the point of a remake if it’s not going to fix or reimagine anything?
  10. Yeah, essentially they only change things when it's to make them worse or just lesser, ddd. Unless it's yet another new gen gimmick.
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  11. Pokemon fan games are really where it's at lately, to be honest.
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  12. Pokemon Prism having better character (model) customization than Sword/Shield despite being a Gameboy Color hack is a bit of a kii.
  14. There's a fan game called Pokemon Bushido that just got a release recently I think, and it's basically Legends Arceus as far as story/setting concept taking place in the past. Kind of a gag, considering they thought of it and made it before Gamefreak announced.
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  15. Playing through a FR/LG hack called Ultra Violet and I really love the added touches in it. The option to catch your starter safari zone style is cool, I plumped for Spheal. I live for a ball of watery icy fluff.
  16. Ha, I literally posted about that hack a while ago, and I chose Spheal as my starter too! It's great playing through this classic game, but actually having all Pokémon available and not having to rely on trading to complete your dex.
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  17. It’s great. I haven’t used the Abra line in years cause I could never get anyone to trade with me. Now I can use it and I forgot how GOOD a line it was.
    Spheal was too cute to not have.
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  18. What are some of the best Pokémon hacks/fan games that include fairy types?

    Any and all suggestions are appreciated!
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  19. I'm pretty sure Pokemon Unbound has them, it's also one of the better completed fan hacks out there right now. I've been enjoying it.
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  20. I've been so enjoying Ultra Violet, I might have to try other hacks. Are there any good ones where you can be Gary/Blue or Team Rocket? I'd love that.
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