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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. I felt like this in the run up today but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Some move sets have clearly been tweaked and the chibi -style is quite charming. I’ve only seen a couple of instances where the graphics look a bit rough around the edges but even then it’s for a split second.
  2. $60 for some tweaks and charming art style is not really adding up, for me personally. I understand some people's nostalgia goggles. I don't have any sort of nostalgia for Diamond and Pearl. I never finished them back in the day for reasons I dont honestly remember. I'd love to try to play them again. But it just feels like playing Platinum would be just as good if not a better experience, and not cost me a full price.
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  3. One thing I will say is that going from having 70+ Pokemon available to you before the gym to about a dozen is quite jarring in these remakes.
  4. Im still waiting for the delivery guy so i should get it within 2-3 hours. Im a bit bummed that i wont be able to use some of the pokemon i wanted to use (like Gliscor or Glaceon) but im still excited for it.
  5. No Glaceon? What fresh hell?!
  6. Just got the game! Downloading the update right now. Going by my friends list, it seems like nearly everyone went with Brilliant Diamond nn

    Well, you can only get an Eevee after beating the Elite 4, so, unless you get one through trading, it's not possible to actually use a Glaceon in your party until after you've beaten the game.
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  7. Just got it with stickers and a poster!
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  8. The homophobia! I was looking forward to a playthrough with Glaceon!
  9. Yeah, it's pretty lame, but then again I think it was like that in the original games too so it's not that surprising. I'm still curious about whether you can get Sylveon in BDSP.
  10. Curious to know whether folks are playing this handheld or docked. I’m docked, personally. There’s a thrill in a mainline Pokémon game on a TV screen. That said I’ll be playing it handheld while I’m travelling this weekend.
  11. RJF


    The way I've managed to avoid a launch day purchase! It only took them completely desecrating my favourite game in the franchise to finally break the spell!
  12. The Diamond exclusives are straight culture and that’s just the tea, girls. Pearl is superior.
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  13. It was, but it was earlier in Platinum (which was something they didn’t care to keep).

    And hahaha no, Sylveon isn’t even coded in.
    Well then I’m a Diamond4Diamond cig then because the Pearl exclusives are all Pokémon (except Shieldon, that precious baby got shafted) I am fine without. #ButchlikeGliscor.
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  14. Docked for me too, for exactly the same reason.

    I mean, Purugly, Bastiodon and Palkia don't exactly scream gay rights either nn
  15. Purugly is camp.

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  16. I do like Glameow/Purugly, but they did Shining Pearl dirty by having a useless Normal type line as one of its main exclusives.
  17. I hate it but still this has inspired me to get a shiny one and name it Tinky Winky.
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  18. I've just wasted one of my 25 days leave from work blasting my way through the first few hours of this so i could get to Valley Windworks and get a Drifloon, as I know they're only available on Fridays. I've now found out that if you do the story event that triggers it's appearance on a Friday you have to wait for the following Friday for it to appear. I am being tested.
  19. I had this exact same situation when I started a new run of Pearl on my DS earlier this year.
  20. GF/TPC are my toxic ex. NO day 1 purchase as much as my brain craves Pokemon games even when they're shit
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