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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. This made me depressed

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  2. The way this is exactly what I imagined we would get when talking about Gen 4 remakes prior to BDSP being unveiled.
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  3. Wow this actually made Arceus look grand and majestic

    sidebar: One change I would make to these games that is maybe pretty controversial?

    Not being able to ‘catch’ Legendaries. Not traditionally anyway. I think it disturbs the immersion to be able to stuff these gods into the same Pokeballs you put your Pikachu in. So instead, I think it’d be better if after defeating them you had that legendary Pokémon ‘on call’ or something, as in they’re able to help you out whenever you call on them. But they haven’t been traditionally ‘caught’.

    Functionally it’d be exactly the same as before, but lore wise it’d be more like your player character making a bond with a terribly powerful and important Pokémon. And not stuffing them in a PC!

    It felt so strange to visit Pokemon-Hawaii and put four of their deities into my pc omg.
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  4. Ooo like if the Legendaries were Final Fantasy style Summons? That'd be an interesting twist and mechanic. Which means they'll never do it.
  5. When one person can do this in their free time but an entire professional game development company backed by the wealthiest multimedia franchise in the world gives us crumbs.

    Also, apparently there's a new glitch found to navigate menus while walking around in the overworld and even in battles allowing you to skip any Trainer in the game including Cynthia and go straight to the Hall of Fame. I...
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  6. We could've had it all, rolling in the deep.
  7. Rob


    The thing I've found most jarring about these remakes is the random wild battles. To go from seeing the Pokemon roaming about in Sword/Shield and Let's Go to this feels like such a step back for the series.
  8. Oop, that's one change I'll welcome in the remakes, ddd.

    4chan tells me a regional qwilfish + evo was part of a leak, so they are guessing it must have been real. Anyone who knows which leak they are talking about/what else was mentioned in it?

    Probably this one:
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  9. [​IMG]

    This made me chuckle nn
  10. Giving me

    200 (1).gif

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    It's giving.....

  12. Pokemon Pearl was the last pokemon game i played back then but since i recently bought the Switch i decided to give the remake a try and... Is it me or are the remakes easier than the original games?
    Like yesterday i was able to catch Palkia with a Mega Ball on the 3rd turn. I also remember that wild pokemon encounters were a lot more frequent in the original games
  13. You are definitely misremembering things / you were probably a kid so everything seemed more difficult ddd

    Especially on the wild encounters things, coming from the two recent games were you actually see the Pokémon in the overworld, the frequency of random encounters is infuriatingly high to me, to the point that I won't risk crossing 4 tiles of tall grass without using a Repel.
  14. I forgot how much of a time sink excavating in the underground is… tradition is kept up with me not finding a fossil. <3
  15. Not Galactic Commander Jupiter giving me hair, body and face. A look queen. I stan.
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  16. I beat her yesterday and I thought the exact same thing! Maybe

    Neptune, go
    Now serve Pluto!
    Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus (Uh-huh)
    Uranus, don’t you know my ass is famous?
    Mars, now serve for the gods
    Earth, serve for the stars

    is actually about the Team Galactic commanders.
  17. No joke, to the point where you finish a battle with a wild pokemon and there's another one waiting for you on the very next tile, sometimes 3, 4 times in a row. I don't remember this happening in previous games that I played.
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  18. That's literally never happened to me so far? Are you sure it's not because you have a Pokémon with Arena Trap/Illuminate/No Guard in the first slot of your party and that's boosting the enconter rate?

    I actually also got the impression the encounter rate was slightly lower than in the original games, but probably it's just exactly the same.
  19. It's been happening to me since I started the game, and I don't have Pokémon with those moves in my team. I've experienced this more in tall grass in routes, not so much on water or in caves. And then there are moments when I can spend literal minutes roaming around a grassy patch and no Pokémon show up.
  20. That's weird. If it's not abilities causing it, then maybe your game is broken dd

    The only thing off I've noticed re encounters is that sometimes there's a small delay after your characters stops moving and before the encounter animation starts, but thankfully it's like 1 second at most and it only happens rarely.
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