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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Yeah, this looks great fun, can’t wait to play it!
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  2. The noble Pokémon battles look really fun. The sound design and some of the effects reminds me of an old game on the PS3 called Folklore, love that.
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  3. Folklore was actually the first PS3 game I played! I do see some similarities too.

    Unrelated, but if you can't breed starters to trade, since there is no breeding, I really hope there is a different way to obtain the other two.
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  4. If this had trainer battles, cities, and more of a traditional Pokemon game experience, I'd be immediately sold.
    This however... I'm still not sure. The missions and requests seem like they're going to range from tedious to offensively easy. Is there even things to find out in the world? Or is it all just big areas with nothing but Pokemon? Part of the charm of having a big map in literally any open world game is... places to go and things to do and discover? This doesn't seem to have that and i'm not sure it's visually appealing enough to me to be enamored by walking through nature alone.

    I really want to like this, because it's finally utilizing 3D in a way that I think is more interesting than they have before. But outside of how well designed I think Pokemon are, how good I think the battle animations look or the character designs for the main NPCs... I just don't know if i'm going to find this game enjoyable to play, because it seems rather shallow. I will watch some live streams when it comes out and see what it's like. It's just giving me a "This is fun for a couple hours" type game rather than a game I can see myself spending hours and hours in.
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  5. Im SCREAMING at this video helping a little u-turn in the thread. Gonna watch now
  6. Okay this looks AWESOME.
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  7. I totally get what you mean. Like, its cool we have side missions/requests but they seem to involve catching pokemon which is what we do anyway so....All i can hope is that they found a way to make completing pokedex and this bucket list simply fun instead of tedious.
  8. RJF


  9. I feel like if this game was really gonna be just catching and observing Pokémon in nature, it should be much more similar to Snap. I don't mean visuals, I mean the amount of "lifelike" interactions and sights. I somehow highly doubt we will see things like swarms of Beautifly, hordes of wild Tauros, Pokémon nests in the wild, interactions between different species, like an Alpha Florges that fiercely defends a nursery of Grass type Pokémon, etc.
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  10. Pokemon Snap was just so bloody good and rich with detail, I really do wish they'd just like... borrowed the Zelda team assets or something so we can get a fully immersive world too because we know they're just not really capable of it. We've been spoiled with BoTW really and this is clearly so inspired.
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  11. I mean take into consideration Zelda's development time...5 years vs 2,5-3 at most for Pokémon. I feel like Legends can deviate a bit and be that iteration of the franchise that takes longer to develop and be more experimental and caters to other people from now on though, since I think it's not tied to the anime (they're doing just a 4-episode special for Legends Arceus) / TCG etc...
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  12. I'm really curious what exploring Mt. Coronet will be like.

    I really think Pokémon is kinda done with "patterns" now when it comes to game releases, what with Let's Go, SwSh, BDSP and Legends all being completely different things, with entirely new aesthetics and engines each time. They will probably only keep the first "new gen" games more or less consistent, and experiment with everything else. Which is frustrating, because it means throwing all that development work away for no reason just so they don't tie themselves up too much by setting the expectation that each game should improve the previous one... can't do that if it's always a wild guess which features, mechanics etc will be kept from game to game!
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  13. Arceus phone stick out like a sore thumb. I wonder if they will explain it. Kinda wish there would be some crazy time travelling mission at some point
  14. I've seen so many people complain about it, but I don't see how the Arceus Phone is any worse than The Sheikah Slate?
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  15. Mine too! All my friends were playing Fifa and I was spending all my time with Folklore instead haha.

    Honestly it's just a matter of execution. If they made it look more like ancient tech we would have ate it up, but it's looks like it came right from T-mobile in a novelty silicon case.

    That being said, I'm pretty sure the explanation for its presence goes as far as 'Arceus gave it to you, with unlimited texts and data.'
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  16. It really does look like a silicon novelty case but SCREAM!
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  17. What I'm hoping for is at least one more town. At least give us a Hearthome Room.
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  18. Also, I just realized this is ANOTHER game with no following Pokémon. Why can't this just be a default feature already oh my fucking god.
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  19. Because worldbuilding dd. The Sheikah Slate can exist because of an established advanced ancient technology that is integral to the story of the game and permeates the entire world you explore. The Arc Phone exists because...? I'm sure we are about to find out the very good reason soon enough. Gamefreak seem dead set on being secretive after putting out yet another trailer we've basically already seen, so let's hope the payoff for the mystery is worth it. Who's ready for Ultra Wormholes 2? Celesteela and Kartana are behind the scenes discussing how best to maximize their joint slay.
  20. I do think that given throwing your Pokémon's pokéball at wild Pokémon to start battles is part of this game, and so are ridable Pokémon which you'll probably be using all the time, having following Pokémon on top of that would probably not work very well.
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