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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Y’all need to raise your standards nn.
  2. Arc phone as name states is a phone so i guess it should be used for communication. Maybe the opposite gender character has a second one? I still think some time travels have to be a thing even if just suggested ones.
  3. RJF


    There has to be some kind of shenanigans going on with either time travel or the Distortion World. Mount Coronet has been really absent from all the teaser stuff as well when it's easily the most defining part of the region as well.
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  4. Remember these old screenshots? Aside from the rockclimbing pokemon the odd sphere above mt coronet looks a lot like the one from Platinum when Cyrus summoned both Dialga and Palkia

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  5. I feel like Mt Coronet will be the final area to go to, in the same vein as Hyrule Castle is in BotW.
  6. Oh I just remembered we don’t have a new rival character so far (besides your gender counterpart)
  7. I wonder if for the first time they will nail a sort of...complex story? I mean what else is there to the game? It looks like an atmospheric game with a gameplay loop I could probobly get behind...but I don't know. Even this most recent trailer has a huge "GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE NOT FINAL" slapped on it.

    I'm getting it, but this has been a weiiiiiird rollout.
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  8. Not Mediamarkt over here already reducing Legends Arceus to € 49.99 whereas Rescue Team DX is still € 54.99. I guess they know which game is worth more ddd.
  9. So bizarre for a game that rolls out in… two weeks.

    massive first day patch anyone??
  10. I assume all these trailers are made months before their release date, so they all must have that regardless.
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  11. I think I read somewhere that the games file was reduced from 13gb to 6, which would indicate they’ve taken a lot out and it will be patched in day 1.

    Don’t take that as gospel but I definitely read it somewhere yesterday.
  12. omg GameFreak finally learned how to optimize
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  13. Do we know when review copies go out / the embargo lifts on this?
  14. I want this to sell well, it’s gonna be harder to match… well, everything else in the mainline because they’re only releasing one version.

    You’d think they’d at least do the whole Standard/Special Edition/Collector’s Edition type of release (because some people end up buying all versions) to boost sales.
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  15. Thanks to Hikaru Utada spitting in my face, my wallet cannot TAKE buying this right out of the gate so I shall be looking at reviews!
  16. I need someone to trade my Kadabra/Haunter to and back please for Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl?
  17. rdp


    I knew I should've given up on attempting bad sarcasm entirely after the reactions I got to posting a Xtina quote in the PJ Readers Poll thread
  18. If they really don’t reveal the starters final forms by release and I have to let fate decide…. That is such a scary thought omg.

    these leaks need to activate.
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  19. I know its a lot less likeky option but...we cant be sure starters have new forms. It makes sense for them to get ones just like several other random pokemon did but its not set in stone i suppose.
  20. If I buy the game that’s the only thing I’m looking up before playing.

    It’s in the ~confirmed leaks.
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