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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Innit

    but Blissey was a great tank for when I needed to take a step back and strategise. Ha blubber absorbs everything
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  2. It seems you are able to unlock styles for moves, but most moves don't initially have them, they're something you have to unlock. As an example for Psyduck at lvl 15 water pulse had no style, but at lvl 22 it did:


  3. What Pokemon are you all using to beat the Elite Four? I need help!
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  4. Mamoswine with Ice Shard kills Grachomp quite easily. Use a fairy type for Spiritomb and something fast for Lucario
  5. Spiritomb is setup fodder. Pick any decent Pokémon with Ice and Fire moves and give it X Defenses and X Sp. Attack, or use Calm Mind. Then sweep the rest.
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  6. lol this is a clever fakemon. Electric guitar Manta ray…
  7. So this is basically just a collect-a-thon sandbox type affair? I wouldn’t mind but there seems to be very little to actually do outside of that. I love the concept of setting it in old Japan but there is literally so much more they could do with it. Even if the graphics aren’t up to scratch there’s so much they could do to make it feel more alive.
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  8. Rob


    Be sure to give your Pokemon a Focus Band or Sash as well. An ice move can then one shot that evil Garchomp.
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  9. After not really feeling when I first played it a while back, I've decided to give Pokkén another chance, and I'm actually enjoying it a lot now. All the systems seemed a bit too much at first (especially the battles constantly swapping between two different phases), but it's actually quite straightforward, it's one of the most accessible fighting games I've ever played, and the battles are always flashy and fun. I certainly wouldn't mind a sequel, but I don't really see it happening at this point, with Unite occupying that Pokémon VS action game spot now (even if the two aren't really alike at all, and Unite is a much, much worse game).

    On a somewhat related note (only because I've been maining Decidueye), do we think the supposed Legends Arceus starter final forms are actually real, or was that leak of new Pokémon/forms fake?
  10. I was thinking what kind of pokemon would i want to use on my team but will there even be a point in having a regular team since there are barely any trainers and everything else is mostly about catching pokemon and less about battling them but even then it will be 6 vs 1? Even with nobles its more about avoiding them and throwing balm and lot less about battling.

    Still i kinda wanted to use all three Sinnoh starters since its a Sinnoh game and all three have great type combinations. Guess it will be more about swapping pokemon all the time.
  11. Well, you do have to battle the nobles too, not just throw balm at them, and I imagine those other overpowered Pokémon in the field will likely require having a half-decent team too. I haven't decide who I'll use, but then again I don't usually decide in advance, I just go with what I feel like in the game. I do think I'll pick Rowlet at the start though.
  12. A team will be necessary but with the return of the Let’s Go style AV values and the EXP candies I think you’ll be switching out Pokémon beyond the six a lot anyway.

    The Noble Pokemon still have type weaknesses etc so having an effective team to go up against them still makes sense. Whatever legendaries happen to be in the game might need to be battled the exact same way too.

    The noble Pokémon seemed pretty OP SO MAYBE 6v1 isn’t as easy as it sounds.
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  13. Shining Pearl / Brilliant Diamond are kinda trash but the water effects gag me every time I surf
  14. This area looks nice:


  15. New Trevenant Unite moveset gameplay. He actually looks so fun, and these sound effects are so satisfying.
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  16. kal


    If I manage to get my hands on a Nintendo Switch OLED at or near MSRP I'll probably get Legends. But it doesn't seem too likely.
  17. tea


    I made it to Master rank on Unite

  18. Queen shit. Well done!

    Who do you main?
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  19. RJF


    I think... I'm just gonna buy Legends and try to go in blind from this point on. There's at least enough here that looks intriguing, and I think not having everything spoiled for me (good or bad) will maybe increase my enjoyment a bit. Plus I just want a lil bit of that Pokémon magic right now. So I'll see y'all in here approximately sixteen hours after release when I've completed the entire game nn.
  20. Someone seems to have a legit copy of the game, leaks are incoming. Are we putting things under spoiler tags?
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