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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Yes.
  2. This is wise and fair but I just gotta know what the starters look like.

    Because with how Gen 8 starters turned out? Not putting myself through that trauma.

    Everything else being a surprise would be nice!
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  3. tea


    Thanks! I pretty much only play Pikachu, sometimes Alolan Ninetales. Ranged attackers are my fave.
  4. So the main character is wearing a T-shirt from X and Y at the start of the game and is found by the professor asking him if he’s alive… which implies the character you play gets sent back in time from the future Kalos?

  5. Just a warning to anyone tempted to look - it’s maybe a detail you’d like to be surprised by, not huge, but to me, important !
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  6. Can someone post just the starter final forms under a spoiler tag when they leak?
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  7. Hmm this is barely any information but it has me very intrigued already.

    I want to avoid any more spoilers but I'm such a weak bitch nn.
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  8. Do the games usually leak this early?

    What are the chances of them rush releasing it? I'm impatient.
  9. Started playing with both of these guys recently and they’re really fun. Pikachu’s recent buff made him so powerful. I’ve only played a few games with Ninetales but when I encounter them their combos can be such a pain to shake off.

    I’m hoping this weeks update bring a few more buffs for Decidueye since he’s a fun ranged character to play.

    For Pokémon, yes. And it’s kinda common to get your pre order a day early so… fingers crossed!
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  10. Yay leaks! Need to know if this game is worth it from the leaks (And day 1 gameplay reviews and streams) because just based off the trailers and limited info... I'm still on the fence.
  11. Dynamic battles!!

    Now you can choose when to evolve! No need to spam B to stop evolution or everstone.

  12. I really want it as soon as possible but I’m scared, my heart says “buy it” but my head says “wait for a good gameplay on YouTube”.
  13. I wish it was released this Friday but i suppose its a slim chance
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  14. I haven’t played a Pokémon game since SuMo and none of the other monster catching JRPGs I’ve played have really scratched that Pokémon itch for me but I’m still so on the fence whether to get Legends.
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  15. FINE. Take my preorder, Arceus.
  16. The late game is wild


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  18. kal


    They're all ugly as fuck.
  19. Hisuian Decidueye giving Skull Kid
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  20. They're all ugly as fuck. But I guess a certain target group is going to love the new Sneasel evo.
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