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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. They just needed to:
    - Keep revealing all regular/non-legendary new mons/forms with a relatively steady pace.
    - Release three minutes of the player engaging in a couple battles and bring out their team to chill.

    The flaws have been as obvious as ever, but the game flow looks great and that was what sold it to me with the leaks even though I hated almost all the new mons and the boss battles gimmick of jumping and throwing shit.
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  2. I haven't preordered but I will be getting the physical copy on release. Its looking to be kind of a slow week for me so I'm kind of looking forward to this game now!

    Probably repeat information (I think even a few things from the leaks) but this released 20 mins ago;

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  3. I preordered in September the second I saw the ball capsule bonus ffff

    Speaking of does anyone else’s Am*zon order say delivery on 2nd Feb? Is that just to make sure it’s not dispatched too early or something?
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  4. I mean, what convinced me to buy was watching a 6 hour long crusade to beat a certain post-game boss rush.
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  5. RJF


    Exciting to come into the thread by accident and find y'all preordering! See you this weekend!
  6. Not me preordering back in february, right after they made the announcement dddd
  7. It was obvious from the second this was announced that everyone was going to buy it, you all just took your time!

    Ugh, I’m so excited for Friday.
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  8. I've preordered few months ago, i dont even remember when exactly. One thing that i liked from the start is how there's only a single version and there is no online. Dont get me wrong, i think people who enjoy it should get a new entry soon too (gen 9?) and hopefully this aspect of the game is even better than before. But its hard not to notice how Pokemon games were reducing gameplay features in favor of growing online community, poor post game because "You can play online", easy games because "if you want a challenge just play online", reducing battle facilities because "who needs them when you can play online with real people instead of computer" etc. Finally there's a game where they dont need to focus on online features at all. I hope its really good, as many people said it is and if its true
    we can complete the dex by ourselves without the need to trade
    then it makes me really happy.
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  9. Also no limited-time exclusives or crap like raid events which forcibly altered an espect of the offline game.

    And on this note 4chan is discussing the potential of a game/service that keeps all the online crap away from the main games.
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  10. I'd pre-order if there were any good bonuses available in North America. The steelbook being Europe exclusive is hateful. Still a day one buy nn
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  12. My like meant "yes" but now I had second thoughts about whether that was actually self-explanatory or not...
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  13. H Qwilfish and his evo remind me of more classic gen 1 Pokémon evolutions. Very simple and logical, understated and just well done. I like his typing and want him on my team but I also want H Sneasel too…

    I’m also wondering which regular/familiar Pokémon I’ll grow fond of during this run.

    I preordered earlier this month, regardless of my scathing words I was gonna play it launch regardless. My scathing words just would have been informed if I happened to hate it day 1.
  14. Haha, I understood you as I tend to use a “like” for a simple “yes” as well.

    I am all for it personally! I most likely will not get it unless it includes a breeding portion or the iconic mini games from the original two.
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  15. answered a lot of good questions. Not terribly spoiler ish?
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  16. I got New Pokemon Snap for my birthday and like it a lot. Yay.
  17. I've been watching some early streams on Twitch now that they're allowed.
    I think i've decided to buy this. People are saying the story is long, and interesting. And that the game is challenging.
  18. Austin John is a SNACK

    Also I can't get over how shameless that little piano jingle is they put in all the trailers, its basically the same music from BOTW oop.
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  19. Not this trailer only actually showing part of the evolutions' silhouettes for a split second, what a troll move dd
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