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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. There’s the Almia region, which is based on part of Hokkaido, the real life basis of Sinnoh.


  2. An Expansion like that would be cute but, I’ll probably wait out until the end of the year for a physical bundle.
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  3. I suppose one or two additional large area could really expand the game in a great way. Give me Pokemon Legends Arceus: tale of Celebi ddd
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  4. Wait at there being a lil cloud down there on the map...
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  5. whew, the "Kalos is south of Galar" flashbacks
  6. The problem with Almia is that it wasnt made by Gamefreak and i just dont see them reference a region from a side game that was never mentioned in gen 4 or beyond. Anything can happen though.
  7. Origin Palkia looks amazing.

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  8. She is pretty badass, I much prefer O-Palkia to the standard version.

    Opposite for Dialga, even though the TCG art makes O-Dialga look haute couture.
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  9. And there's Alola
  10. Feel like they could've chosen a more iconic moment with the Ultra Beasts but this is cute/atmospheric
  11. Oh you have to throw balms at Palkia to stop it Spacial Rending you huh

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  12. The Pokéstans on twitter are loving it actually. I nearly forgot about this scene personally but then I remembered this was the scene where Lillie gives backstory. This scene was removed from USUM which makes sense as to why I didn’t initially remember it (I played through both USUM for completion purposes not joy, whereas I only played Sun not Moon).
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  13. RJF


    I... don't even get some choices made in that artwork. The rain is giving me pushed for time so decide to forego a background. Exactly what Gen 7 deserves.
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  14. Nn I don't even know what's going on there. Are they standing behind a rock?
  15. RJF


    Oh it's a ROCK. I thought it was a cloud with blanket rain nn.
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  16. Alola lacking any sort of iconic visual landmarks they had to make more than half the artwork a greyish mass. Flop region!
  17. The only thing i dont get with this artwork is: why would you still have a Rowlet at this point? Then again May still had a Treecko around 6th badge in the Hoenn artwork.
  18. It's the scene from Exeggutor Island when they run into the cave from the rain & Lillie decides to become a trainer as well.

    One might assume with Gen 8's artwork being released today, that midnight 28 JST will be Gen 9 with the official announcement?
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