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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Sooo they announced a US and UK event for Legends of a Hisuian Growlithe. The interesting this is that they state when it is moved ‘outside of Legends Arceus’ it will have its hidden ability. Well, that implies to me it will be usable in other games not just to dump in Home. I think a compatibility update is coming for use of the new mons in Sw/Sh.
  2. Oh, Lord, are we getting shitty events for legends? Why can't they just let an offline game be standalone and complete without limited-time/time-dependent crap?
    I honestly thought the early access stuff was going to be it for this one.
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  3. I saw so many odd ideas for tommorow reveals like Pokemon Stadium or Lets Go 2 (another remake so soon?). Outside of DLC for Arceus and some obvious HOME updates for PLA and BDSP i can only see gen 9 and maybe one single side game.
  4. ??? Either get the thingy or don’t. I myself just mostly ignore them, why does it bother you so much?
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  5. kal


    It bothers me because they’re country specific. Dear The Pokemon Company, there are many other countries where people buy the games apart from UK & USA.
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  6. If it’s usable in another game then it’s at least breedable and HOME will be flooded with level 1 H-Growlithe’s with their Hidden Abilities shortly soon after.
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  7. It bothers me that they make things that are not available to absolutely everyone, no matter when they decide to start playing/where they are, when everybody has paid the same. This is not an online game that depends on events to keep people subscribed.

    Also a big part of it is how extremely intrusive the event raids were in Sword and Shield if you were trying to explore the dens when one was active, so it is a bit triggering.
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  8. Region locked events are such ancient technology. It's not like this is 2003 where they're hustling to promote all the Pokemon Centers in Japan by giving a million random exclusive Pokemon out in person.
  9. damn I’m a fake fan because I did not recall this scene at all… and Gen 7 was one of my favs
  10. RJF


    God... Lillie might be the worst Pokémon character of all time.
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  11. RJF


    Also... can we all talk about Giratina having the gag of the season in Legends? I screamed. That, immediately followed up by the altered Shadow Force animation... dead.

  12. And thats Galar. (Why would you use Sobble against Eldegoss...?) Thats all the regions (well except Hisui)
  13. Because
    sobble is the only Galar starter worth showcasing.
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  14. Scorbunny is the best starter design ever. Ignore the evolutions.
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  15. It is a little odd that pokemon presents wasnt really teased by western Pokemon site but so far only by Japan and Korea.
  16. My DLC prediction is mega evolution returning with a battle area. The character arrived in a Kalos shirt, the mega forms have been coded back into the game, several roaming alphas conveniently have mega forms (lopunny, steelix, heracross, alakazam, garchomp, abomasnow, glalie), theres a big focus of transformational items... I'll be shocked if they don't. My only question is whether G-max forms are gonna be confined to Galar or whether they'll be incorporated into mega evolution.
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  17. Hopefully the latter so probably not.
  18. kal


    If the DLC can enable abilities, that’d be great.
  19. Keep in mind that it was only the male character, female had Alola shirt i think.

    Now the riddler says it will be a free dlc with just some new missions but no new land or pokemon. Talk about not being very decisive
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  20. i think it’s because of the the current world affairs. All the western Pokémon social media pages have stopped posting promotionally. Unite’s western page did the same.
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