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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. That's another reason, they're not technically new Pokemon! It's a great way to get around not introducing new pokes.
  2. I wouldnt mind megas but they would have to find an explanation for it.
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  3. The mega stones breaking through the spacial rifts and scattering across the lands, no? They could even have those spacial bolts striking Alpha Pokemon, changing them to mega evolutions that need to be battled.
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  4. Or bringing lets say Sycamore ancestor to be a person who studies mega evolution and helps out with the whole research. I feel they would need a character that would help Hisuians by explaining this unusual phenomenon.
  5. Apparently Nintendo trademarked "grass cat" and "fire crocodile" in China. It could be Pokemon related but its a little weird that its not pokemon names but species? Also it could be new starters or legends or...new forms for Incineroar and Feraligatr which are related to LA starters as they're also from gen 2 and 7. The remaining one could be Water Serperior?

    If its Pokemon of course
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  6. Sounds like game versions?
  7. I think bringing Mega Evolution into Legends when we already have the strong/agile system would probably make battles a bit too messy honestly.
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  8. Just under a half hour ladies!

    I'm genuinely not trying to get my hopes up but pokemon week has felt like a nice little victory lap after BDSP and arceus doing...good? Both titles made some good choices (difficulty in BDSP, game changing twists and risks in Arceus) so I would eat up DLC for either title ddd
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  9. BDSP deserves to rot.
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  10. Me rushing my night skincare routine thinking I was late, but we've got this 2 minute YouTube Premiere shit to sit through.

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  11. The animated pikachu in the background… delete it
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  12. If this ends up being mostly about Go, Masters and Unite ff
  13. First an update on Pokemon Go!

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  14. Masters EX looks so boring, damn. Literally beautiful gowns though.
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  15. Oh and Café Remix, of course...
  16. There’s a lot of Blue/Yellow in this presentation.

    Also, I love that animatronic Pikachu! I want one.
  17. Do we really need these detailed overviews of all these mobile games, like...
  18. Take a shot every time they make this lady say "special outfit".

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