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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Bestie Unite is not like the others, please!
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  2. That would require actually paying attention to whatever they're going on about atm

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  3. Not me thinking the graphics looked amazing at the start of this live-action clip ff
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  4. Not sure why I expected it to look better than the other Switch titles, but... that guy in the trailer was cute, at least.

  5. Duraludon in Unite. Happy for us…

    and am I gonna have to choose the fire starter again???????

    he’s so cute!!!
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  6. I'm going to cry
  7. Pokemon: Queer gen for 2022 after all!
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  8. The graphics are gonna improve but… I’m really glad it seems wide and open like Legends!
    And FINALLY a fem grass starter again after a decade.

    That was based on Italy, right?
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  9. I KNEW gen 9 is coming!!!

    What is this region? Europe? Italy? Spain?
  10. No way! I sure wasn't expecting that!
  11. Well! Scarlet & Violet sound gay, so I love that! And the cat was very cute. It looks like a mix of Sword & Legends, so I'm going to reserve judgement, but good to know it's coming this year!
  12. The new starters!

  13. Scarlett and Violet don’t really feel like opposites but Hmm. I’ll take it!
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  14. rdp


    Why is the color scheme of the starters giving me Gen 2 unused designs
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  15. Also KIIIIIIIII at them finally killing the Fire Starter Zodiac theory dead.
    Who am I kidding, I can already hear “a crocodile is a snake with legs”.
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  16. I thought we were getting Sword & Shield 2 for a moment there ff. I'm shook we're getting gen 9 this year though! I thought they'd save it for the Switch 2 later on but I'm glad we're getting two gens on the Switch.
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  17. Not literal Donald Duck being a water starter.
  18. rdp


    That cat better NOT evolve into another anthropomorphic aberration
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  19. I fucking cried.
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  20. So graphically so far it’s whatever, I’ll reserve judgement. Spacially… the scale/size of these open spaces in the populated areas always bothers me. Like I always feel like it should be a little denser and things shouldn’t be so huge in comparison to the player?

    The player characters looked very preppy! That’s a change!
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