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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. rdp


    It looks like Portugal is part of the map already, no DLC needed dd

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  2. It really can’t be overstated how much Pokémon graphics suffers when it doesn’t have outlines and cel-shading. The protags in the official art look very official and Pokémon-like, but in-game they look like third-party randos. The Sword and Shield rendering style (outside of the wild area) worked perfectly fine, but of course they “had” to change it or else it wouldn’t look like enough of an upgrade…

    The overworld, scale aside, looks worse than Galar overall, but better than the Wild Area so… eh.
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  3. [​IMG]

    A legend already!
  4. Femme line confirmed!

  5. It feels a bit too on the nose honestly nn (as "gatito" means "little cat", for those who don't know), but then again it's not that different than something like "Litten", except this time it's in Spanish and not English.
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  6. The bird is going to evolve into an Empoleon level slay I fear
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  7. The Pokémon models look greatly improved in some screenshots. Overall though I’d much preferred a lines, cel shaded approach. But I will deal.
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  8. This, these more then any main char design thus far feel like the most basic of blank slates generic player model, which hopefully means tons of customization options.

    The footage and screens are a bit all over the place, it appears some areas are more fully rendered with lighting and textures and things everywhere, where some shots look like the in progress tech demo for the region. I am glad to see them appear to make more 'set pieces' within the open world, which will really go a long way even if the graphics don't improve much, the player house on the cliffside is a great example of this.
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  9. So… the Japanese logo showed the Mega Evolution symbol for Gen 6 and the Z-Crystals for Gen 7… now they are showing this little 6-pointed starburst thingy. New gimmick?

  10. Please let the wild catching be the same as Legends. I really don't want to go back to [load screen] battle [weather animation] catch/win [load screen] ever again.
  11. Wow, I never thought I'd see the country where I live be adapted into (part of a) Pokémon region (I'm just gonna ignore the "Portugal is part of Spain" undertones here). The potential Pokémon based on Iberian fauna, folklore and whatnot... I'm truly perched.
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  12. It looks like Lucario has updated textures in one of the shots. But yeah I also would prefer outlines too.

  13. yeah it’s incremental but tbh… they’re getting there. Things are improving. Also I just noticed Hisui Pokémon are available in this game. Nice.

    I’m gonna choose Scarlet. Better logo. Better colour.
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  14. The trailer music is so HYPE so obviously it wont be in the game
  15. "Trainers can explore an open world where various towns with no borders blend seamlessly into the wilderness" YAS
  16. I really hope they include backward compatibility in HOME this time around. I don’t want to move a Pokémon accidentally from pre-Gen 9 into the game and then it be blocked from going into SwSh/BDSP/PLA(?) like how it worked with Pokémon Bank.

    It was amazing for me in Gen 5 and so I hope you feel the same joy I did!
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  17. Legends proved that graphics don't need to be top end if the gameplay is good, and judging by the grass and pokemon textures there's no way this won't be the same gameplay as Legends.
  18. The main(?) city being based on Barcelona and that huge building with the giant Pokéball you see in the trailer on the Sagrada Família... the Madrid girls lost.
  19. These starters are giving Neopets.
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  20. rdp


    The more I look at the fire starter the more it seems like an alternate version of that apple dragon from the last gen
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