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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. I’m… afraid Legends-style catching and Pokémon being able to attack you is gone, which honestly sucks. Having action-control of the protagonis and both approaches to catching was really immersive.

    “You'll be able to see the Pokémon of this region in the skies, in the seas, in the forests, on the streets-all over! You'll be able to exerience the true joy of the Pokémon series - battling against wild Pokémon in order to catch them - now in an open-world game that players of any age can enjoy”
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  2. Re the player characters, I think that in previous games they were designed to look memorable and also work as characters in the anime, while here they're more like blank slates... which is fine, assuming there are extensive customisation options right from the get-go.
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  3. lol I just read this on the site and wondered the same thing. But I won’t consider it confirmation just yet.

    Sounds like a blending of the two systems. So no agile/quick and the old more involved battling system. But with the legends catching system still involved, based on what we’ve seen.

    Interested in the player customisation - I didn’t use it much at all in Legends (everything looked kinda bad) but found a comfortable look in Sword and Shield. I never really change much outside of the skin colour and hair.
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  4. I think that's fine, honestly. I'd rather the base Pokémon battling/catching mechanics remain as they usually are (though with the Legends seamless transitions in and out of battle), with Legends games being their own thing. Mainline Pokémon games have never really been about Go/Legends-style chucking one ball after the other and catching the same Pokémon tens of times, actually battling the wild Pokémon is an important part of the gameplay too.
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  5. Actually good news regarding the current games, and new games with the best looking characters since Gen 4, and really good looking nexomon neopets starters, including the best looking grass starter ever (the way we keep winning), a red hot chilli pepper croco, and Warrio's duck/crane? Have we ever gotten so much good stuff out of a Presents?
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  6. And who said anything about chucking one ball after the other and catching the same Pokémon tens of times? Being able to sneak up on Pokémon to catch them OR battling them is good in general. It’s good to have options.

    And if we can’t actually have throw mechanics, how are we gonna engage in these apparently seamless battles? Just walking up to the Pokémon and bumping into it is gonna look silly as hell.
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  7. I mean, that's what the games end up boiling down to when you don't actually need to battle wild Pokémon. Go, Let's Go and Legends are all like that.
  8. I think it might be that. With stronger Pokémon requiring you to battle if you fail the catch as opposed to getting to try again.
  9. It's confusing because these grass patches look very Legends-system to hide in.

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  10. I also think we’re highkey gonna get Gen V remakes during the Switch’s timeline so let’s just hope they bring in remakes closer to ORAS but also spoil us with a Legends: One Dragon.
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  11. All they have to do is make some of them nearly impossible to catch without battling, while others are easier but can still fail.
  12. yeah we’re definitely leaving the ‘Pokemon hiding in grass’ thing behind.
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  13. That would work I guess (though then people would probably just complain about Pokémon being too hard to catch dd)

    Unrelated, but I'm somewhat surprised Legends DLC wasn't mentioned at all in the presentation, not even "look forward to more updates in the future" or whatever after they announced today's update. I guess they'll probably reveal it in another Direct and release it in the Summer or something.
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  14. After this I don't think an actual Legends Arceus DLC exists?
  15. Im sure after BDSP got the Shaymin event that Darkrai is next and possibly even Arceus at some point. I'll also be surprised if PLA wont get more updates.
  16. Yeah I also think that’s it for Legends ddd
    If an actual DLC expansion was to come this year they would have said something.
  17. I thought it was basically (unoficially) confirmed it was in development? Besides, I highly doubt we'll go from January until October/November, which is when Scarlet/Violet should come out, without any sort of Pokémon release. There aren't even any spin-offs lined up for this year or anything.
  18. Hmmm yeah the free legends DLC… Is honestly just cute for people who would like some shiny alphas. It was basically like a special raid den update.

    But if there was more planned you’d think there would be clear preview of it, like they did with the SWSH DLC.

    8 months till Gen 9 (if they stick with a November release like before) so they’ll probably fill the summer with something, I guess? Another free legends update?
  19. Im surprised Arceus guidebook is out in April. Like...why? By then everybody will finish the game already. Without any bigger update its weird.

    Whats even weirder is that there are 60 pokemon that didnt appear in the 8th gen and even on the Switch. Its especially weird for fan favourite like Greninja.
  20. It's kinda funny that they called it Pokémon Scarlet when you think about it, since scarlet is basically a synonym of red. GameFreak when they have to come up with names for the next Kanto remakes

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