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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Samurott is the one time they needed to actually make something bipedal…
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  2. I wish you an ounce of luck. One per day should help with bearing through the filler unlike me who did several episodes a day and crashed and burned once I got midway through Johto.

    Also I'm still mad about the GS Ball. It makes Orange Islands feel so pointless.
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  3. kal


    8 months after this, and over 2 years after starting SoulSilver; over 999:59 hours of gameplay later, I’ve beaten trainer Red, collected 100,000 watts in the PokeWalker, unlocked all the routes, today I finally caught Spiritomb, and I’ve finally shut down the 3DS & put it in its box. I didn’t end up filling the entire Pokédex, but I’d have to cheat to do that because I don’t own any of the DPPt games.
  4. On a new game + of Unbound and I really HATE how Galar Ponyta/Rapidash have NO STAB physical Fairy moves via level up, and they only get Psycho cut when Ponyta evolves at level 40. What's the point of a physical sweeper without any decent STAB moves. At least it can learn stuff like Megahorn and Double kick to make it viable until later in the game with some better moves.
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  5. We need more physical Fairy moves in general. Just give us a Pixie Punch or something ddd
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  6. We really do, I think outside of z-moves theres Play Rough and Spirit Break. Considering there are a few physical based dairy types now we need more.
    "Granbull used glitter bomb" please.
  7. Surely we should have a new trailer and info drop within the week?

    I’m finding myself unusually hyped for S/V - the riddler has been very complimentary about the designs of gen 9 mon and apparently it’s a big batch. Hopefully they live up to the hype.
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  8. Galarian Rapidash was such a disappointment because it’s so pretty but also pretty useless. Other things just do what it does better.

    If it had misty surge as it’s special ability to block all status and dropped some special stats in favour of some HP buffs we can talk. Poison is so rare, it’s abilities are rubbish and it’s really frail. I used it competitively at the start of the games release and it did nothing for me.
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  9. I should love Galarian Rapidash design wise but the eyes ruin it for me. The official art looks fine but the model sucks.
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  10. New trailer tomorrow! They didn't waste any time!

  11. Hey bestie, can you make a post saying something along the lines of:

    ‘Surely we should be able to switch our pokemon’s pokeballs for others after we catch them now? That should be a new feature in gen 9, right?’

    I’m trying to test a theory out
  12. I was genuinely surprised they didn’t give G-Rapidash Pixilate as a hidden ability. Not that it learns so many Normal type moves but the ones that it does could’ve worked in its favor with a STAB boost.

    Not “Pixie Punch” nn, I’d like something extra ciggy like Glove Slap or Wig Snatch (signature move for a Fairy type regional Variant of Jynx when?).
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  13. That's a good shout. Quick Attack, Tackle, Stomp, Double-Edge and probably others, candy floss unicorn would slay so much harder with that ability.
    I do like the one it has though, not being able to be poisoned is good for a mon weak to poison and in double battles it can heal it's partner.

    As it stands, I have a fully EV trained one with maxed attack and speed with Psycho Cut, Megahorn, Dazzling Gleam (even with mediocre special attack this does a fair bit) and Smart strike and it's a reliable member of my team.
  14. They're nothing if not consistent.
  15. Any bingo card guesses for what info will be released tomorrow? Sword and Shield actually revealed quite a lot for its first June update. They revealed:

    > Region Name
    > Professor, Rival, Champion
    > In Game Gimmick
    > Gym Leaders
    > Evil team.
    > Early lane Pokemon
    > Open world functionality

    and of course, the Legendaries.

    Way more extensive than I remember...
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  16. What is a ‘creative fellow?’
  17. I think that's the same position that Shigeru Miyamoto has at Nintendo today, where he basically just provides advice and guidance, but otherwise isn't (heavily) involved anymore?
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