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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. XXX


    Wait I didn't know this was a thing.

    (Don't judge me English is not my first language)
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  2. I'll probably go with Scarlet as well. (But my brother gets the one I don't anyway, so I get both.) I love the cover legendary. Would love it if the wheel was better integrated (either as the curve of a longer neck, or as an extension of the lower jaw) but I consider it minor/similar to things that bother me about the other one, and I love that it does so much, and how it incorporates so many elements I love about serpents. I feel like the bike will probably be more interesting as a look compared to the futuristic one. I'll hate the caveman/woman attire on anyone who wears it, but I'll have to deal. Why couldn't they be more subtle about it... It didn't need to look like the professor came out of a Tarzan knock off.
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  3. ha yeah, it may actually have been just an English localisation quirk, im not sure if the Japanese names ever followed that convention.

    Interesting to see they're shifting from it now. It's a nice trope but its fine that its gone.

    Regarding the scarlet Legendary... It's giving me Ho-Oh and Lugia vibes, like it feels like that kind of legendary. Very ornate, yet organic. That's great.

    The legendary wolves were also pretty organic looking, which was great, but did not feel particularly grand or unique. Plus, they executed their themes in a clunky way.
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  4. Oh hello professor Turo. Pokmon Violet it is.

    Also Scarlet legendary be like
  5. Aside from Lechonk the only excitement I got was Venonat finally returning to a regional dex since generation 2. The only one to be overlooked for so long.
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  6. Sorry, the idea that I, a ten year old Spanish bébe, can park my legendary-motorcycle-lizard at the Pokémon Gas Station while I buy some potions is such a funny little image…
  7. I absolutely need Smoliv to evolve into a femme icon to continue the recent Tsareena-Lurantis-Eldegoss grass queen lineage.
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  8. I wonder if its normal type means it will evolve into a tree/animal hybrid instead.
    Either way, hopefully its shiny is a black olive!
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  9. Love seeing king Venonat get some spotlight. Don’t think it’s been in a regional dex since HGSS and it wasn’t in Gen 7 or 8 at all. Especially after Paras got its moment in Legends.

    I’m still laughing at the professor in Flintstones drag. They should have made Koraidon’s chest a stone wheel. It’s camp!
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  10. Not some of you defending Game Freak’s incompetence for making a good looking game! Girl it’s Stockholm Syndrome! You all deserve so much better than what they’re serving.
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  11. I'd have to look into it more as I can only think of some minor connections related to elements but I do wonder if the legendaries could have been inspired in part by sibling gods Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca. The idea of them being man-made gods, with one being more advanced than the other, is interesting but they are most likely going in a different route with the story.
  12. Have we talked about how gorgeous that theme music is?
  13. Okay yeah the game is ugly and there is no surprise there. BUT, if they fill it with a great story and lots of content and replayability... I can forgive some of it. But damn I hate how faded into the ground a lot of the Pokemon look. Like they barely stand out against the backgrounds if they are a similar color. And the UI is so generic. Legends had that gorgeous paint stroke stylization. This needs some more personality for sure.

    It's just a combination of the switch being unable to handle it and Game Freak / Pokemon Company not wanting to put some style in their art. The art style in pretty much every 3D Pokemon game has been so painfully generic. Makes me sad. They at least need to make the story amazing and the game have lots to do during and after the main plot to make up for it... but we know even that is a gamble we may not win.
  14. If only there was a way to remedy that they had been using successfully for multiple years before randomly deciding to stop.
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  15. I think it's because an outline would be pixelated as hell. They're trying to make everything look diffused and washed out in hopes it won't look as pixelated and crappy. But there's no escaping it.
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  16. I think they looked fined in Sword and Shield, they were more subtle but still there. But yeah, maybe with this game and the more expansive world and battle scene it would be too taxing on the Switch?
  17. Me waiting in line at the Pokemon Center outdoor kiosk on Route 1 to heal my Lechonk for the seventh time in an hour

  18. I wonder if Masuda’s exit will mean anything on this front
  19. I got a recommended video from CocoMelon underneath and… it’s also eerily similar.

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