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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Ugh are they the villains in disguise!? Wanting to harness the powers of the legendary Pokémon against their will for time travel experiments?
  2. They certainly fit the villain look. And maybe thats why they're not named after trees... maybe there's a third 'true' Professor (Tree) in the game who preaches balance between their two extremes and by the end we're only left with them, maintaining the tradition.

    My mind...

  3. It seems racing can be theme for this game instead of school rivalry? Legends are motorcycle like, the gym (?) tease we saw in latest trailer imply race courses, pokemon centers also look like kinda gas stations. Is racing a big thing in Spain? Soccer stadiums in SwSh, racing courses in SV? How would that even work? Also its odd if you think about the future-past aspect of the game. Cavemen and races?
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  4. When you think about it, the over the top futuristic/prehistoric outfits do seem more in line with something an evil team would wear than something a Pokémon professor would.

  5. Inch resting
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  6. So the "professor is actually villainous" part of the (alleged) scrapped XY plot is finally getting used, like they ended up using the rest of it in games like ORAS and SM/USUM.
  7. The cavewoman definitely stole that professor outfit.
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  8. They both look great like this, but Koraidon especially.
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  9. Some random thoughts:
    Will versions exclusive be like fossil pokemon or ancient-like pokemon (lets say Cradily, Baltoy, Mamoswine) exclusive to Scarlet while more futuristic and machanical pokemon exclusive to Violet (lets say Porygon, Beeheyem, Klinklang)?

    If races are indeed a thing will we see more pokemon riding? Like Rhyhorn racing from XY? Speaking of which we never find out where mother from XY actually moved from. All we know is we just moved to Kalos and our mother is a famous Rhyhorn Racer.

    Arceus was a game set in the past, we time travelled there. This game is about past and future. Is next legends game going to be set in the future? Also what is that diamond-like background with a flying Pokeball. Is this supposed to be a gem pokemon tease?
  10. Is anyone else kinda worried by the fact they haven’t shown any cities or towns at all other than that main one? Even your house seems to be out in nature.
  11. Get ready for empty spaces... yeah i hope we have some cities to wander through and its not like the little hubs we saw in Legends (which had some basic excuse for that, setting wise). But everything seems to be outside so far.

    Kinda can't wait for this open-world craze to die down so we can just get back to denser, smaller, immersive worlds. Non linear gaming need not mean vast, vast spaces...

    That'd be pretty quirky, and something they might actually do tbh. Very excited to see the new fossil Pokemon for this generation. Especially with the future/cybernetic element in the game.

    The Grand Prix style flag makes me wonder how far they'll take this theme. If it's something all the characters will play-up, like how Galar referred to football - will this region have gym leaders in racing gear etc
  12. Oh, I'm already mourning.
  13. Fascinating leak. I kind of would have loved Pokémon as a campy alien B movie. Anything to give XY/Kalos some narrative and lore. Being a little more specific with the alien origin of Mega Stones and the Deoxys connection would have really elevated the concept. What a shit generation nn.

    Size differences being introduced in Legends, too! The cutting room floor scraps that sometimes give.
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  14. I love that in the final art you can still see that Sycamore's socks are the exact same shade of orange as the Team Flare uniforms, a random color that makes no sense with the rest of his palette ddd


  16. Nn, glad I’m not the only one who sees it.
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  17. Another scarily accurate take ffff.

    They would use it as their avatar while doing a voiceover, with a sad version, smile version and a smart-ass crossed arms one.

    I also just noticed the art is quite inconsistent with the in-game model. The art has a full beard distinctly separate from the undercut sides, but the game model has what looks like stubble, blended with the undercut.
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  18. this destroyed me
    I know the ones
  19. Ddd and one with an index finger pointed up when they want to be preachy
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