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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Loving some of those recent Twitter takes on Professor Turo on the last page.

    Hating and rolling my eyes at how much attention and swooning he's receiving. I don't understand it at all. He's nothing. At best he's a generic slightly-fit white gay; but he also kind of looks like a complete douchebag.

    Like, I'm unreasonably annoyed by this...
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  2. I just want this to become reality so badly...
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  3. Koraidon is definitely serving motomami, motomami

  4. This is a perfect example of why a lot of people ask for a better art direction. It doesn't even has to be like this exactly, but something more than just 3d models and plain textures.

    Pokémon has been underselling the Switch to be honest, it looks so rough is being used as an example of how shit the console is when it's quite the oposite, while not a beast in performance, it is capable of much more and games like Odyssey, Luigi's mansion or Astral Chain prove that with completely different approaches to it's art direction and world building.
  5. I can see how better art direction is wanted (and I agree) but the problem is that the Pokémon fans want a beautiful looking game, all 913 Pokémon* + new ones fro the Generation with great animation, and an open world.

    The problem is that it's a lot of information to fit on an SD card. Marry that with the fact that GameFreak is notorious for not knowing how to properly condense their code and save space - you're going to have trouble allocating resources to the visuals & render engines.

    Say what you want about the mechanics of Let's Go series, but it's probably the nicest looking game out of the company.

    *Thankfully they were smart to future proof their Pokémon models so that saves time but adding new animation to them is not easy at all.
  6. Aren’t they not even including (anywhere close to) all Pokémon though? And the new games still look like shit? Some corners are always gonna be cut somewhere, I guess, but seems like they’re cutting alllll the corners.

    Agree with the 2D talk from a bit ago— I’d really love to see the franchise return to 2D and do it fabulously. Good 2D art (even pixel art I’d argue) is timeless. And would probably allow more file space for more Pokémon, more world, more everything. Shit I’m sure they could even spin it that way and people would appreciate it.
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  7. Let’s Go is definitely the best looking Switch entry, it has a very charming and cozy atmosphere to it.
  8. Motomami’s impact.
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  9. Was wondering when we were gonna get this.

    Rosalía as this region's champion pls. BIZCOCHITO can play everytime she enters the scene.
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  10. Re open world. Im not sure if i like it to be honest. For example Legends wasnt open world, more like open areas but it still worked a lot better than wild areas from SwSh and dlc which felt really empty with not much to do. The way TPC says we can do stuff in any order we like makes me wonder if that means level scaling. For example if you avoid place A despite being near to it and you'll go for places B, C and D first does it mean the trainer(s) in point A will have higher level pokemon later on or will they still have lets say level 5-6? If not then whats the point. Also its a bit worrying we didnt saw much outside of wilderness. Are there even other cities outside the one with the rumoured school?
  11. People seem to be responding really well to the Rival’s design. i.e it’s the kind of design they wanted the new protagonists to have. ‘Cool’ etc.

    Im not too crazy about her design, her place in the story seems really interesting though, a more experienced rival who is more of a guide than a parallel.

    Her incredibly sharp hairline keeps making me giggle.
  12. She looks alright, but a bit plain I think. The glove is the only thing that makes her stand out a bit, otherwise she could pass for a generic trainer NPC.

    Also, it's a bit odd how none of the characters revealed so far have names that sound Spanish in the slightest. In the last few gens there was definitely an American/French/Hawaiian/British flavour to a lot of the names, but so far we have... Turo, Sada and Nemona? These sound like Japanese-y names more than anything.
  13. I’m pretty sure that Turo and Sada come from futuro and pasada.
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  14. Huh, I had no idea. Though going from past to pasado to pasada to sada is a bit of a stretch, the word "pasada" doesn't really have anything to do with "past". Kinda funny that's the origin of the names, when I think most people are probably just going to register them as Japanese sounding names without any special meaning.
  15. In Spanish it does (ex: “la semana pasada” = “in the past week”).
  16. I know, but that's an adjective, not as a noun like "futuro" or "pasado" (and the more obvious translation would be "last week" anyway). Just seeing the word "pasada" by itself, I don't think "past" would be the first thing people would think of.
  17. Do we have the ‘official’ names of the player characters? I know that info is always trickled through and rarely outright stated.

    SWSH naming one of the player characters ‘Gloria’… insane. ‘Victory and Glory’ reference be damned.
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  18. Not yet, no. It took a good while to get them for Alola and Galar, I think they only get confirmed in the art book?
  19. I like that she looks like a character that seems fairly animated while also not being a joke. They tend to make rivals that are either completely bland or extremely focused on a single exaggerated feature. She just looks like a character that will be fun/interesting to have around. No rival from the 3D era comes close imo.

    It also helps that she looks like her design found a more appealing (to me) middle ground between a more... standard "pokemon character" look and whatever they are going for this time compared to every other new character.

    Weirdly the customized protagonist looks are just fine, I think? How did they manage that when the default look is so eerie?
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  20. The optimist in me is hoping the blandness of the main characters = you have more character customization right off the bat. A few face shapes, a few eye shapes, and a few hair styles to choose from before you step out of your house, allowing you to represent yourself... but the pessimist in me knows GameFreak.
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