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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Delphox makes me laugh because all of her poses with the burning stick make it look like she's threatening me. 'Back, get back!'
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  2. Howling at that basic fireworks unite move. Next mon, please!
  3. Supposedly the unite move will be pretty deadly if the effects are potent. 50% anti healing, slows enemies with small damage over time and it stays active for like... 10 seconds. So depending on those numbers it might be a little broken!

    especially in the zap pit. And it apparently recharges as fast as Pikachu's ult. Could have looked cuter though.

  4. They gonna have a field day with this one...

    ''That explains why I like the violet and scarlet Pokémon designs, I didn't like that man's designs at all in the previous installments''

    We've seen like 6 Pokemon in this new gen this is so dishonest ddfgfdgdg
  5. Personally i dont really care. I enjoyed James Turners designs but at the same time its not like he was that massive force behind GF. With Masuda and Turner gone (Masuda not entirely) its curious to see where GF and TPC are going. Legends Arceus was a great sign but on the other hand several decisions in SWSH and BDSP are worrying... Scarlet and Violet looks promising but we've seen only a glimpse so far
  6. That is so dumb, the man designed like 20 Pokémon.
  7. He got so much hate for no good reason. His designs aren’t any worse than Pokémon like Voltorb, Seaking, Grimer, Seel, Magnemite (and that’s just a few of Gen 1). People really are fucking stupid.
  8. He designed Naganadel so he's alright in my book.

    There's some merit to crediting a game's overall look to an art director (partially), but that role is so malleable and changes from studio to studio that we really dont know what his influence looked like in SWSH.

    I can make an educated guess about his less obvious contributions, I suppose, but its silly to act as though he was ever the source of an overall issue with Pokemon designs or direction.
  9. Pokemon is going to go through a lot of creative team changes in it's lifetime ....its inevitable with a franchise that spans decades now? I always thought the James Turner hate was a weird place for fans to put their energy? I already feel the 'vibe' and art direction shift of this new generation with how they have been designed/coloring the models for pokemon and human characters.

    Actually, Pokemon runs itself more like a fashion house, where lead designers and trends would always change over the years but they will always try to remain close to the 'brand'. Generations = Seasons etc. As the franchise gets even older this is becoming more apparent.
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  10. The Haus of GameFreak needs some new blood anyways. And, dare I say, new blood that isn’t just Japanese (but that obviously appreciate the culture/language and will work in Japan).

    Also, I need this engagement ring.
  11. James Turner was responsible for some cool designs, especially Centiskorch and Polteageist. That said, I don't think an individual designer leaving GF will make any difference, good or bad. It's not like you can actually tell who designed each Pokémon without looking it up anyway.
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  12. I will say his art direction for the human characters in Galar was… a choice. I mean the trainer classes and randos, not the Gym Leaders, those were done by TAKE.
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  13. yh....


    The lack of cohesiveness in the Gen 8 human designs really bugged me. It shouldn't be so noticeable that a bunch of different artists worked on them.

    Legends Arceus faired a lot better here. Even with the two standout TAKE designs.
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  14. [​IMG]
    An abomination. Genuinely scary shit.
    But that one in the Scarlet/Violet trailer 2 that tells you about the power of science and multiplayer etc isn't much better.
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  15. [​IMG]

    Ha, idk I thought he looked pretty regular to me. Good even.

    The human modelling for SV is warming up on me, only a few outliers so far (the little German boy), even though they dont look terribly 'Pokemon' like, the style seems consistent between the people we've seen so far.

    Really interested in seeing what the gym leaders look like now that we've seen the Professors.
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  16. I liked most of his Pokémon designs. Sinistea and Vanillite lines being his best honestly. Guzzlord can go in the bin though.
  17. SV’s Science Guy looks fucking awful but I don’t play Pokémon games for the humans so who cares ddd

    Though let’s not ignore the HIGHLIGHT and BEST EVER TRAINER CLASS design:
    Fucking SERVED.
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  18. Human character designs are actually one of my favourite parts of Pokémon, ever since the first game I played lol. Right up there with the creature designs.

    I always got excited seeing the gym leader designs and I remember despite not playing Black and White, saving all the trainer class designs from that era in a folder to reference and look at since they were so well done.

    They’re also my favourite part of remakes, seeing how their look evolves over time. Big shame BDSP didn’t take that opportunity. But it was great to see in ORAS etc.

    Everyone likes different parts of the game, naturally.
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  19. Generation 6 is hands down a peak when it comes to npcs design. Both XY and ORAS had some great ones. SM/USUM is also pretty good. SwSh was good for important npcs but random ones were pretty bad in ny opinion, at least most of them. Legends is decent.
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