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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. also the growing cult of personality around these leakers is both funny and worrying.


    James Turner’s new game looks very charming

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  2. Oh absolutely, I just mentioned that it’s mostly insignificant to me. For me, I can count the number of time I truly noticed the NPCs and Gym Leaders designs on one hand and, to be frank, the majority of them are the ones whose skin color matches either brown or black real life people.
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  3. ah gotcha, I misunderstood the ‘who cares’ expression ddd

    I dooooo love that we’re seeing more and more Black characters in Pokémon with each new gen. Despite the lack of great player customisation the Black NPCs always seemed thoughtfully designed to me, which is nice.
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  4. My bad, I used as a way to just say I’m putting my hands up and not really one to engage in this topic, haha.

    And it’s so nice to see as a POC! Those designs tended to stick with me (even if some of them actually turned out to just be people with a tan I.e. Team Aqua).

    I remember being able to select skin tone in XY and feeling emotional about that (and the absolute disappointment I felt with ORAS excluding the feature).
  5. Some of the things Khu has teased recently:

    - Each box legendary has 5 forms.
    - There's at least 4 waifumons: fur, plant, loli and hardcore queen.
    - There's a cool japanese style bug type.
    - Possible Dunsparce evolution.
    - Sprigatito's final evo is bipedal
  6. But what about husbandomons? It’s pride month.
  7. Ddd, what does this mean.

    Unrelated, but I loved seeing this!
  8. This is intriguing. I wonder if each form works as a different vehicle, and these are the HM equivalents in this game. A boat form to surf, an airship form to fly and so on.

    Thanks, I hate it.
  9. It's probably something along those lines. They're teased on the cover:

  10. And I will stan all 4 of them.

    And I will not stan this.
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  11. I can’t shake the feeling Sprigatito will have a feminine shaped bipedal final form and that a lot of the naysayers will suddenly love bidepal cat forms and claim it was “well-done”.

  12. looking forward to 5 forms for legendaries but considering one is a very organic being I can't help but be a little grossed out by the idea of it animorphing into these various shapes with different axels and pivots...
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  13. Only if it’s in the same genre as Tsareena and Garde. Otherwise they might still hate it.

    i quite liked this tomboyish take:

    If it had more natural looking boots id consider it pretty solid, conceptually.
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  14. PSA grab these really short time frame events while you can! Two great competitive ready support mons!
  15. The way this had me thinking a Sableye evo was being teased for a moment before I read the text ff
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  16. I hope that...if they have to do the sword tail thing, they at least make its movement independent. The idea that a creature grabs its tail with its hand to poke something pains me.
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  17. tbh actual jinx should have gotten something like this
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  18. i can allow it if the implication is Sprigatito is made out of plant-like material and tugging at her flesh weapon.
  19. Its so sad that freaking anime is doing a world championship with 8 strongest trainers across regions while the game teased that in the Isle of armor but never did it despite having huge stadiums that would be perfect for it. Obviously the whole thing will probably end with Ash the Alola champion vs Leon the Galar champion but its good to see other champions back aswell: Lance - champion of Kanto and Johto, Steven - champion of Hoenn, Cynthia - champion of Sinnoh, Iris - champion of Unova, Alain - winner of Kalos league tournament, Diantha - champion of Kalos. A bit sad that Wallace and Alder were snubbed but i can see why.
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  20. So... now that we know for sure we won't be getting any more gen 8 mons, when's the rate starting?

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