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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Sprigatito, you and I knoowwwwww
    how the evos come and they goooooooo...

  2. This stupid fucking gif, I snorted at my desk.
  3. Riddler Khu (the Chinese riddler) is releasing some leaks a month early to say sorry for saying some problematic shit in frustration…. Rhfknfkfjgkng.

    Anyway, his latest riddle is a photo of Jill Scott with a white wig sketched on her head so I’m having fun watching fans try to decipher this one (it’s likely referring to a gym leader).

    Nice to know Riddler Khu has good taste in music I guess.
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  4. Quick, which one of you is or can convincingly fake being a student in Japan, this is our chance:
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  5. Finally got around to reading this and all I can say is


    We better get X: Director's Cut/Y: Director's Cut in a few years.
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. [​IMG]

    And, a favourite of the batch:


    She's giving me 'I Hate This Part'-era Pussycat Dolls. Love that for her.

    Other Unite Details... we've confirmed there will be an actual 1st Anniversary Celebration for the game. Though we don't know what that entails exactly.

    Also they made some matchmaking adjustments to stop players from being punished for random teammates leaving the match early. Nice.


    Glaceon joins Unite with a very off-model looking render omg. I'm quite tired of these lgbtq foxes, it's true, I want weirdo mons... and these are dull picks. :^(
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  8. Venusaur just can't stop serving.
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  9. Kinda weird reading that Unite is celebrating its first anniversary, it definitely feels like it's been around for longer.
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  10. I snorted at “LGBT Foxes”. Leave the Alphabet furs alone!

    Anyways, I reminded myself of how Japan is having that Pokémon Fossil Exhibition at a Museum and it looks so cute
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  11. Does anyone have any advice for a good 3ds emulator? Want to play X/Y again.
  12. Yeah definitely feels like it’s been a while longer. Not really sure why. Maybe that’s the nature of live games and the constant updates.
  13. DeSmuME is what I used before I believe?
  14. Oh I thought that was just for normal DS games? I used it before for Platinum and HG/SS.
    Internet tells me Citra is good too.
  15. [​IMG]

    The announcement of the original Snap coming to the Switch got me to return to New Snap and wrap things up and I finally completed the Photodex yesterday (as in registered every Pokémon, fully completing it with 1/2/3/4 stars for every one would take ages). I tried figuring out how to find every Pokémon by myself, but I had to look up the last handful dd. What a great game, truly, probably my favourite Pokémon spin-off ever.
  16. I wish I enjoyed the New Pokémon Snap as much as y’all but I was over it by the third day.
  17. So who's ready to return to Galar for the Gen 8 rate


  18. Just in case anyone wants to look cute.
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