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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. I think Snap is probably going to be the first Switch N64 game I actually play for more than a few minutes/beat dd. It's still great fun, though obviously pales in comparison to the new one.
  2. Might start reporting Poketubers’ videos as spam on principal idk
  3. The newest leaked mon is so terrible (and "funny") that it's 90% likely to be true based on my calculations.
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  4. nn girls please just share leaks in spoiler tags I can’t go hunting every time to find what yall are commenting on
  5. This one!
  6. lmao they gonna blame James Turner for that one.
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  7. This does look 101% fake but it'd be a scream if it's actually real.
  8. I mean... the concept wouldn't be the weirdest thing they've done, but that art/design is absolutely not real.
  9. Serving bougie Pringles Man meets the Monopoly guy.
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  10. And they already did it better with Jellicent!

  11. He no longer works at GamrFreak!
  12. (Yep, my point!)
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  13. I mean that ""leak'" is no worse than Voltorb/Electrode's existence from a design inspiration standpoint.
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  14. Pokémon Unite has launched a public test server, which means leaks will happen even earlier - the first of which is Buzzwole being fully confirmed as playable for Unite.

    He’ll be an All Rounder. With Fell Stinger and Mega Punch as starting moves. And Lunge/Smackdown + Leech Life/Superpower as final moves.

    Glaceon will have Tail Whip and Ice Shard as starting moves. And Icicle Spear/Icy Wind + ???/Freeze Dry as final moves.
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  15. t_ShareGet_Buzzwole_01_66aaba3bd57d05bd.png

    Which kpop era is this.
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  16. I hope that means the next Pokémon related thing [né ILCA] does is done well then.
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  17. The studio that gave us this will never be famous, im sorry

    Bandai probably using them for money laundering idk
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  18. Its been a big week for Unite leaks.


    A lot of these are seemingly themed to match World's 2022 in London this year.


    The tweets that posted these images are all gone now but maybe the image links will stay up idk.
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  19. Hat Crustle is a scream dd
  20. honestly, camp.
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