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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Elvis Trevenant was highly unexpected.
  2. have you seen the edit with the rock sliding sound? very perfect.

  3. The clothes in Unite are soo funny to me. They're like at the borderline of being a meme.
    That said, I am not spending real life money on dressing them up. I think you can grind for some of the looks but I just don't play enough.
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  4. I think you could collect like..... 30 skins at least while still being totally free-to-play, probably more, since release. They give them out as event awards a lot these days.
  5. Hahahahaha, this made me laugh out loud in the office.
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  6. I feel like all the easier to obtain skins are very... basic. The cutest and meme-est ones are the paid ones.
  7. For sure, it's a bit of a mix, if you want an affordable way to get the more intricate skins, it'd be the battle pass, which is pretty good value. But if you're strictly F2P then it's mostly simpler ones... but you can get the premium Talon skin and few others like Snorlax's from the energy gacha thing for free etc.

    I think skins are their primary way of monetising the game. All their other products (battle passes, unite club membership) revolve around them.

  8. Great fx animations. Also Wiggly Houston.
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  9. As a kid watching the anime it felt like Butterfree was with Ash for ages but turns out it’s gone less than halfway through season 1


  10. Unite dodged a bullet, SV cannot relate!
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  11. Well, I'm not sleeping now, it's in my head.
  12. Anyone else played Pokémon Gaia? I am doing another run through and wonder if the first bug catching contest is rigged? I caught a Scyther (but with Swarm, ew) and ended up in 3rd place despite getting like 270 points. Then I went back and did another round and caught another Scyther (with Technician, yay) and won. The other contestants here had 0 and 3 points each. I also got the Scizorite which was a great bonus.

    Also learning just how good a huge Attack Azumarill is. Hits like a truck.
  13. Funny thing - dataminers leaked this event in Pokémon Unite about a month ago:


    The prizes are literally a bunch of wigs and a finger heart pose for your player avatar. Kinda odd. The wigs are the same for male and female avatars too.

    Turns out though, Kay-pawp sensations ITZY are promoting the Pokémon Unite anniversary this year. So the event gifts are basically so everyone can dress up like idols for the month.

    Feels a little random, but I like it when my interests cross paths I guess.
  14. Yes at Yuna choosing Gengar, queen!
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  15. idk what they gonna do but its probably gonna be iconic idk

    Screenshot 2022-07-07 at 13.04.30.png

    Found @soratami's alt account
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  16. nn this tea. I archived the game a while back since my Switch was starting to run out of space, but when I saw the news I did think I should probably activate it again...
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  17. FYI my birthday is next month
  18. I'm screaming at the latest Sw/Sh online competition being a doubles battle where everyone has to use a Magikarp in their team


  19. I honestly didn't even know this game existed, but it's cool to be getting a second N64 Pokémon game so soon after Snap. Hopefully Stadium is next.
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  20. Puzzle League is so much fun.
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