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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. With this theme we better get

    the "original" versions of the gen 8 fossils.
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  2. Not the trailer you were hoping for I know. But good for ME.
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  3. Ahhh, so this is what popular Pokémon stans content creators on twitter were bitching about the past few days.

    These leaks are delicious though

    • Disappointed the Professors aren’t the baddies.
    • They couldn’t have given us a regional form of Houndoom that’s a Cerberus?
    • Why is Murkrow getting a second evolution!?!
    • I can’t believe Furfou hasn’t been made a available on the Switch era. I’m assuming they’re gonna gonna be part of the DLC unless…
    Billie Eilish looks well.
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  4. yeah this past/future forms thing sounds a bit dumb if they play it too obvious (is2g if we end up with a handful of caveman Pokémon…). I guess they just want to spice up regional variants, but it’s basically what Hisuian variants are?
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  5. Even more leaks:

    - Overworld shinies confirmed
    - Leaker took 60 hours to beat the main game(he said he's not that good)
    - Confirmed Tauros has a new form.
    - DLC is basically confirmed but he knows nothing about it
    - Not that many new clothing options but a lot of hats/glasses/face/hair options, the outfits are all variations of school outfits.
    - A child becomes one of the Elite Four
    - The Jigglypuff/Amoonguss past forms are actually differently named pokemon. This could be the RFake thing that Khu has been teasing for a while.
    - Leaker was asked what his favorite new pokemon is without going into details and he answered: Artificial Intelligence(AI)
    - Restated there are no fossils and no megas
    - Following pokemon confirmed, and no bike in the game, riding is with Koraidon/Miraidon only
    - You can catch pokemon while riding Koraidon/Miraidon and that the movement is fast.
    - You can climb/swim/fly with Koraidon/Miraidon
    - You need to battle to catch pokemon
    - New pokemon similar to Dugtrio.
    - No fishing
  6. These three... :/
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  7. Glad about that last bit tbh...
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  8. I've been slaying these girls with Gardevoir in Unite, finally picked her up.
    Getting wins has never been easier while I grind for that free Hoopa skin.
  9. Booooo. One of my favorite things about Legends Arceus is the speed at which everything is streamlined down to make it fast and fun. I get this is just part of Pokemon but, they could've found a happy medium.
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  10. This and Legends Arceus were developed simultaneously, so if they actually adopt anything from it, it won't be until gen 10 I guess.
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  11. Sprigatito attack animation + evo

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  12. That's not from the main leaker that is giving info and is backed up by Khu, so it could be potentially fake.
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  13. I might have to stan a grass Pokémon for the first time ever
  14. kal


    *skull emoji*
  15. I’m 100% sure this is fake but now I’m sad cause whatever comes won’t be nearly as gaggy.

    Centroleaks confirms based on their previous leak:
  16. I believe that crop is the middle evolution?
  17. I would’ve thought so but that’s not what the leaker is saying.
  18. Interesting....
  19. Yep, the animation is fake.

    Final stage is the one in the cropped pic.

    Also, Fuecoco's middle stage has a flame egg on its head. And the final form was teased with this image:

  20. Wow not centro confirming we have ugly to look forward to.

    I’d be surprised if that was the final evo though since even from what little we see it reads like a middle evo.
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