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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. So Fuecoco final stage is pretty much gonna be

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  3. wonder if it’ll be ‘multiple heads, both are sentient’ type of thing.
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  4. XXX


    If those descriptions are accurate I feel another gen where I'll immediately box my starter coming.
  5. Trying to get this damn Tsareena outfit in Unite and I only have 3 of the 12 Pokemon I'm expected to play.

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  6. A bit of new info:

    Kaka (the leaker) confirmed he played Scarlet and Violet(both of them) and basically confirmed himself to be a playtester/bugfixer.
    He gave the music a 10/10
    His starter ratings are 8/10 for Quaxly and 7/10 for the others
    Confirmed controllable camera in battle
    Pawmi evo type: Electric/Fighting
    Smoliv Evo: Olive Tree
    Fuecoco3: Quadrupedal
    Classes are not related to one of the 3 routes/quests, but interviews are
    Ancient Jigglypuff type is heads to tails (guessing that he is saying it is the opposite type so maybe ghost/dragon)?
    No 3rd legend. Legends are Koraidon/Miraidon and the 4 sub-legend group
    Tauros regional form is black
    Wooper and Tauros are the only regional forms
    8-9 future forms
    120-140 new pokemon (including forms etc...)
    ancient / future forms cannot evolve (singe stage)
    There is an NPC who will trade you one Pokémon from a previous game.
  7. What a shocking and completely unexpected turn of events dd
  8. the leak floodgates have opened and we aint even got a region name yet I know Game Freak is embarrassed rn
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  9. I thought the region name leaked the other day? At least a rough translation from Japanese.

  10. More stuff:

    It seems these are all the cross-gen evos:
    - Primeape
    - Dunsparce
    - Girafarig
    - Murkrow
    - Pawniard (it seems it has a samurai theme but this is not confirmed).

    - Misdreavus has an ancient form and Delibird has a future form.
    - All Gym leaders have a secondary job of some kind (there's a streamer and a skiier)
    - The new "loli" pokemon that uses a hammer is a pink fairy type.
    - New ghost dog pokemon.
    - New coin pokemon.
    - New ostrich pokemon.
    - New bike pokemon.
    - New spider line

    Excited for that Primeape evo! And gen 2 keeps winning!
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  11. Oooh, first I've seen of it! As far as region names go, no opinion either way I suppose haha.
  12. Yes!
    And also....
    I wonder, does them pushing so many gen 2 mons mean that's the next remake?
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  13. - There are 3 puppy lines. The ghost dog is the ace of the rapper gym leader (the black lady in the leaked images).
    - The hardcore queen pokemon teased is actually a future form of an existing pokemon. (I guess it could be Tsareena).
    - 2 pseudo legendarys got ancient/future forms.
    - 2 pokemon got both ancient and future forms.
    - One gen1 regional fake crawls from the sea to the land. (Krabby?)
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  14. Scream. they are committing in more ways than one, wow.
  15. Hm are the past/future forms meant to be stronger than the base form? The fact they don’t evolve is strange.

    Regional fakes gonna fuck the kids up! sksk. How many of these are there if we only get two regional forms.

    the amount of gen 2 love between SV and LA…ready for Legends Celebi next January thanks!
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  16. Yes, it was mentioned they're stronger, like megas.

    Also the term regional fake is not an official term but it was the best way to describe all these new Pokemon mimmicking old Pokemon according to Khu. I guess it's similar to the concept of convergent evolution in real life where animals that are totally unrelated can evolve similar appearances.
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  17. Can we just get a trailer pls...
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  19. If they actually give Volcarona a future counterpart I'm gonna lose it. I love all the gen 5 bugs so it's hard for them to go wrong no matter which one it is.

  20. tbh I never saw what everyone saw in Volcarona, the girls be eating that moth up.
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