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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. So does it look like the leak/rumour about there being

    three cities and nine towns

    is legit? I really hope so, given at one point it was looking like there was just the one main city and everything else was wilderness. I'm a JRPG girl, I need my cities and towns.
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  2. Yes this is from the main leaker. (Kaka)

    There's also the riddler (Khu), who leaked lots of things from Legends Arceus and the Diamond/Pearl remakes, and confirmed everything Kaka is leaking is real, although there's been some mistranslations.
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  3. Disappointed at how few regional forms there are.
  4. Um, iconic!
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  5. Has there been any mention of Pokémon following you in the game? I've not been able to keep up so sorry if it's been asked / answered.
  6. Girls, I know many of you dislike these but I ordered something and think you all can understand

  7. Yeah it's in the game, it's even been shown in the last trailer.

  8. He's right and he should say it.
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  9. Oh I know but it looked like cut-scene animation so I wanted to see if a leaker specifically mentioned it.
  10. The leaker is back at it.

    - New form of a cactus pokemon
    - New Earthworm pokemon
    - Salamence form(either past or future)
    - Past Volcarona/Future Gallade
    - New crab pokemon
    - the Pawniard split evo is based on the Rook
    - 3 Dog lines, one of which is ghost dog
    - Ostrich pokemon is a Psychic type and has hair similar to Cleopatra
    - Breeding may not be in, but there is a new method of getting eggs
    - Raid Battles are in
    - Can't use legends until after the final boss, and can't use your team for the final boss(no indication of specifics)
  11. ...let me remain positive.
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  12. It's over.
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  13. OK, I might be ready to stan!!
  14. Maybe this new (?) egg mechanic is a step forward/QoL update to it, cutting corners a bit and making it easier to choose what the end result in the egg is going to be. They've made the process of getting competitive mons ready easier for the past generations so I wouldn't be surprised if it is just a super simplified version of it considering breeding is one of the most tedious processes still remaining in the games.
  15. If it doesn't come at the expense of things we could do/get before, I'm all for progress!
  16. If they
    kill breeding
    the absolute FIT that would be had by some of us in the community, ddd.

    Unless they’re going to be doing some Monster Hunter Stories 2 type situation by
    having eggs be available in the Raid dens but that doesn’t solve how the ball situation and hidden ability will be resolved.
  17. That's exactly what I'm expecting to see.
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  18. Hmmm

    Everything leaked about the game seems really cool, but beside that this egg news is very good news too me. I'm really here for them continuing to change up long standing stagnant features in this franchise so I am happy to give them some wiggle room even if the end result is clunky.

    I think lots of people liked raids and since pokemon go they seem to really want to make those a core 'pillar' of the franchise, if they polished up the whole process I don't mind them being back.
  19. How many new Pokemon are we getting? Seems like a lot, no?
  20. They’re really trying to make the competitieve scene more accessible for newer/casual players, only for us too see the exact same team of six and strategy from all newbies online.
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