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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Apparently the

    ‘Hardcore queen’ future form that was teased is a combination of both Gallade and Gardevoir.
  3. Today's batch of new info:

    - New Flamingo pokemon is flying/fighting and it's a standalone pokemon
    - there are no new evolutionary stones
    - Pawmi is a 3 stage line (the leaked evo is the final stage) and -allegedly- has an ability or a move (they posted PP1 so maybe a single use move) that keeps a fainted pokemon alive or revives one, its called =げんきのかけら and its based on a defibrilator
    - New grass/fire mon
    - Fuecoco3 has a flame on its head shaped like a bird
    - Dolphin pokemon has a surprise
    - the "Hardcore Queen" Khu was teasing was Future Gallade, which is a combination of both Gardevoir and Gallade and looks like an archer according to the image tease(assuming its for that)
    - Some Past/Future pokemon share the same ability
    - New 2 stage ice type glacier/icicle pokemon
    - New 2 stage salt pokemon
    - Dunsparce evolution looks similar but gets bigger
    - New 2 stage engine pokemon
    - Apparently all the future form pokemon are going to be called iron or steel _____(new pokemon name)
    - It seems like it's Bisharp that gets a new evo and not Pawniard like it was previously reported.
    - Primeape's evo's Natdex number is over 1000, so this confirms +100 new pokemon (remember that ancient/future "forms" are actually new pokemon and have their unique dex number.)
    - Volcarona gets both ancient and future forms
    - the 2nd line to get both a past and future form is a gen 2 mon

    The leaker said around 120
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  4. I am so excited for these games
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  5. The Zodiac Stans are

    Masculinity is

    I hate this, they should’ve been treated like Mega Evos. Weeping for Mega Pinsir, Mega Banette, and Mega Abomasnow… y’all were done dirty.

    Speaking of… a three-headed Houndoom is so being saved for a Greece inspired Region isn’t it?
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  6. I’m ready to stan
  7. kinda weird the new forms are being treated like new Pokémon. And they don’t have new names either so it’s not like these lookalike “regional fakes”…Or maybe it is. I figured it would be an in battle change if it’s like megas/gmax. Permanent mega evolution more or less? Hm.

    I need a trailer to confirm or deny some of this quick. Is this the biggest/earliest leak we’ve ever experienced?
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  8. Definitely feels like it!
  9. The amount of Unite I’ve played in the last few days just to get the Sacred Tsareena, Martial Arts Garchomp and Hip-Hop Hoopa outfits


    And I don’t even have Hoopa.

    Those other two are fashion though.
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  10. Yes! Yes!!!

    Kinda waiting for Tsareena to get a REAL holowear though, none of hers hit hard enough yet its very sad.
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  11. I was so happy I got the Hoopa one and now of course tomororow starts the Glaceon one. But she looks fun to play.
  12. They’re giving out so much free stuff this anniversary, I’m impressed. I’m mostly excited to play that new boss rush PvE mode.
  13. All these leaks and still no new trailer
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  14. [​IMG]

    The boots on boots though
  15. I always get so many KOs with Pikachu that I like don't even bother with the other characters. I liked Gardevoir too when I gave her a try. I should really try more characters.
  16. Well, if it ain’t broke!

    I made it to Masters with Hoopa this week, so I’ll switch who I main next time. Probably Tyranitar, the moveset they gave him really makes him feel like Godzilla, it’s hilarious.

    Waiting for an even more legendary boot moment but this will do for now, it’s true
  17. Today's new info/corrections:

    - Dunsparse's evo is normal only, and the skiing gymleader is actually a snowboarder.
    - Smoliv is confirmed to be a 3 stage line
    - The game will have mass outbreaks
    - Alphas are confirmed to be in the game (they aren't going to be called Alphas, but will function the same. It will be tied to the story, but the name is similar)
    - Pokemon size variation like PLA confirmed
    - Girafarig evo is pure psychic type apparently
    - The names of the 4 sublegendaries are Chinese
    - Future sumo Pokemon (Hariyama I guess?)
    - new scarab pokemon based on a dung beetle that evolves once
    - new one stage parrot pokemon
    - Pawmi is a Marmot and is the first stage of the line
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  18. Ugh but why do
    we have to go back to battling everything again? I'm so upset about it. It was so fun and varied to be able to have stealth catches and whatnot.
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  19. Mass Outbreaks
    aren’t really a spoiler but I guess it’s welcome to have them back. The only games they’re not in are XY, SM, LGPE, and SwSh.

    Hate that
    are in. Should’ve been something unique to its Region.

  20. menacing.
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