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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. I'm just excited to have this Gen VI icon back.

  2. Oh could these be based on the mythical dragon, bird, tortoise, and tiger?
  3. They've already done that though dd

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  4. Apparently they also have counterparts in the myths. 'The Four Perils' - could be that.
  5. Oh duh. I always forget what they’re based on because of their genie forms nn.

  6. A skin that was seen in the promo illustration but not officially revealed yet, we still don't know how we acquire it in game...
  7. More Unite shit in my inbox……did they forget about SV?
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  8. kal


    I honestly don’t give a single shit about Unite, and I can’t believe anyone at all does.
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  9. It's better than any Pokemon game released since XY. Pokemon Losers Arceus included.

  10. kal


    Oh, you’re telling me you can put a hat on your Raichu? And it can be pay to win?

  11. Jokes on you, Raichu isn't in the game.

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  12. kal


    Just shows how invested I am in the concept.
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  13. [​IMG]

    I get why people enjoy Unite, but this has to be one of the worst opinions I've ever read in this forum.
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  14. Newest info:

    - Primeape evo is Fighting/Ghost
    - Murkrow evo is not true, it was a misunderstanding
    - It seems Ancient and Future Pokemon are called Paradox Pokemon, at least in chinese.
    - Future forms exclusive to Violet, Ancient forms exclusive to Scarlet
    - Koraidon and Miraidon are paradox pokemon.
    - Future Delibird retains its type
    - Coin pokemon evolves into a gold ningen (exact quote)
    - 4 new pokemon hints. Frog, bird, Fish, and Chili pepper (probably the grass/fire type teased previously)
    There is no Don quixote pokemon
    - There is no limit per save file on paradox pokemon. You can grab as many as you want
    - New amie a bit similar to SWSH camp, consists in Picnics
    - Eggs obtained from these picnics
    - You can wash your pokemon, it restores HP and boosts friendship
    - Nothing special with pokemon 1000
    - Only one pokemon can follow you
    - Posted two images from the map.
    - Apparently the first image was the proposal for the map artstyle, the 2nd is an in game shot. The two images combined is 1/4 of the map
    - Regarding the size of the map, it seems there's a big sea area: If you don't go to the sea, maybe it's a little small But if you go to the sea or the island, it might be big.
    he thinks its bigger than all PLA areas when taking into account the ocean/island

  15. Well, there go my hopes of a Dark/Steel vengeful evil Robot Santa inspired future form.

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  16. Just one specific one or one at a time?
  17. One at a time.
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  18. Based on the leaks, other than the olive and hog lines I'm not really sensing much of a Spanish/Iberian inspiration in most of these new Pokémon (going by the descriptions at least), which is kind of disappointing.
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  19. this acid?!!

    like damn we just having fun in these top hats idk

    *Unite isn’t P2W though. I think people who have played and think that just aren’t very good at the game lol. But the expensive cosmetics are certainly a thing.
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  20. kal


    That’s fair enough, it’s just not for me.

    I said you can pay to win, not that you have to. But regardless, I find this type of free-to-play games with infinite monetization schemes to be predatory, and generally avoid them like the plague.
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