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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. XXX


    They really have to stop with these terrible starter evolutions. I don't like how humanoid they are since gen 6.
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  2. Ummm…

    What the fuck!
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  3. kal


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  4. I mean he already said Fuecoco’s middle stage has an egg shaped flame on its head that turns into a chicken flame in its final form…
  5. This may be self explanatory for native speakers, or, you know, normal people, but:
    I wonder if this is meant as a court jester, magician here meaning trickster rather than mage? Because the teasers we've seen would make more sense in this context... (A large mask, a pointy collar, a yo-yo...) Would also make sense with the typing. But you are also mentioning a wand... Could be both, though, I guess.
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  6. Yeah it feels more like a stage magician/illusionist rather than a mage/sorcecer I guess
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  7. Oh this is cute.

    Oh wait this might only be for the dual pack edition... if so... nevermind!
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  8. It’s UGLY! I hate their monochrome steelbooks. SwSh had one as well.
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  9. scsdfcds, did it?? I only have the full colour steelbook from SWSH
  10. Yes!

    It was the only steelbook offered in the US too.
  11. The recent Quaxly news.

  12. The three mons coming to Unite in September are:

    t_Tachie_Scizor_00_80326f344fecb374.png t_Tachie_Mew_00_2f7c80a7a62c537e.png t_Tachie_Dodrio_00_187d0db485dabbfd.png

    One cool. One [redacted]. One Quirky. Great picks.
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  13. lol yes I think this exact detail will annoy some people, but luckily they're not dull picks (like if it was Pidgeot or something).

    When the dataminer told me about them he led with them all being Gen 1 first and that made my heart sink a little, but then after seeing the actual picks I was excited again.
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  14. Oh I’ll need to farm some coins after I spend them all on Tyranitar I see.

    Also Pika Party mode is hell on earth. Everyone else’s Pikachu seems too strong nn.
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  15. Scizor and Mew are cool additions, but Dodrio is a bit "her?" It feels like such a bland, "there" Pokémon, it's like if they added Raticate or Seaking or something.

    I have to say that beyond the different roles, the melee/ranged and SpA/Attack splits and some occasional gimmicks, the various Pokémon don't exactly offer vastly different gameplay experiences, so I don't have much desire to try collecting a lot of them. Which, well, is probably a good thing, because that would end up being quite time consuming/expensive.
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  16. I definitely wouldn't aim to collect them all (though its easy to get very close, I think I'm only missing three mons and I could just purchase them now if I felt like it.)

    I only ever get mons that fit my play style or interests. I'd have to disagree in that I think the majority of unite mons have pretty different playsyles. Unfortunately in the past months they've had a string of low effort mons (the eevees and some other attackers) who all feel pretty samey.

    Hopefully the next three mon change that up a bit.

    Especially Dodrio - our first speedster in an entire year.

    They're a great pick to me because early on Unite gained a lot of good favour by adding quirky picks like Crustle, Cramorant, Eldegoss and later on Greedent. So its nice to see them still keep this up.

    Hopefully they add Donphan and Bruxish soon!
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  17. Nintendo has started to post ads on YouTube and here we get our first proper taste of the music. I love it.

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  18. The Pokemon Unite online community is imploding due to leaker drama and I would just like to say that all Pokemon Leakers are insane actually.
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  19. Ooh I love it, it's giving "bustling seaside town in a fantasy JRPG".
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