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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. GameFreak coming up with a bunch of variants for Diglett, which is one of the Pokémon with the most basic designs there is... can't say I'm surprised there dd
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  2. Rob


    The fact that it looks so similar to Diglett, has a largely identical name... and yet somehow isn't a regional variant?

  3. Convergent evolution.
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  4. Well ain’t it some kind of sea worm? Why would it be a regional variant if Diglett is a mole!

    But also, they really said, “lemme just recolor this classic Pokémon design and give it a few behavioral differences and call it a new Pokémon species!”. Lazy.

    Also, the static Wingulls “flying” in the video are sending me!
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  5. Okay but this is cool, one of my criticisms with the Wild Area of SwSh was how they were just walking around instead of interacting with the environment or our presence (granted some would chase but there was nothing unique).
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  6. wiglett is very much giving "who up playin' with their worm?"
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  7. That is cool. Pokémon having more "realistic" behaviours than just walking around reminds me of New Snap, which is definitely a good place to draw inspiration from.

  8. New battle pass leaked.

    Also that Wiglett video was very strange. Billion dollar franchise... anyway, I appreciate they're trying to mimic the complications of the real animal kingdom, but it probably should have just been a regional form. But hey, maybe it evolves into something wild (if you have spoilers in regards to this pls dont let me know haha)

    Back to unite: Gameplay from all three mons (Clefairy, Zoroark and Sableye) has leaked as well as full movesets and they're all very unique mons. Clefairy is especially interesting in how she's a hard counter for any mon that relies on dashing moves.



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  9. The one true Wiglett
  10. Me in 10 years
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  11. I feel like this new idea for new pokemon that are almost identical to already existing pokemon is just another way of re-doing those same old kanto pokemon over and over again. Get ready to see Charizurd or Sharizard...
  12. Not me reading this as “Sheharizard” and imagining some kind of Ground/Psychic Pokémon with Charizard’s face.
  13. kal


    You’ll get a grass type Chairizard and you will deal.
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  14. Now I’m imagining a lawn chair in the shape of a Charizard.
  15. kal


    Exactly as I envisioned it.
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  16. Wiglett is a Shuckle that's body is buried in sand.
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  17. Before Scarlet and Violet come out let me just stan

    A bit longer

    say what you want about Sword and Shield but you can tell me NOTHING about these bops
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