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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Have I missed the evos of the starters yet? Why don't we have those...
  2. And I, I feel it after midnight
    A feelin' that you can't fight, my one
    It lingers when we're done
    You'll believe

  3. Shedonealreadyhadharizard.
  4. I don’t mind the recycling of concepts and Pokémon but the Gen 1 pandering has got to stop. And ok even if we’re gonna stick to Gen 1, give us different Pokémon! Why Diglett again???
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  6. Rob


    They didn't reveal the Sw/Sh starters at all so they may follow course here.
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  7. Featured IN the game?????


  8. The animated sequence in the second half of the video.... now why'd that get so much budget???
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  9. kal


    Guess I’m not buying it then.
  10. While I wish it'd been a different artist featured, there's no denying that video is all sorts of adorable. And honestly, the song isn't that bad either. The power of Pokémon really is too strong, to even make me tolerate Ed Sheeran.
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  11. Game Freak fucking hates you all ddd.
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  12. No!

    Pokémon has a problem
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  13. The video is cute but yeah… This is not the one.

    I hope he’s not going to be a character in the game playing in the credits or something. Give me a Leona, Florence or a Koda Kumi 10x over.
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  14. In other Pokémon being absolutely homophobic news:

    Hateful pre-orders this time around. Where’s the damn apricorn ball set!
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  15. Crying at all these pre-order bonuses. The one that’s like 10 potions is iconic.
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  16. The song is incredibly mediocre. I suppose it will be the credits song so couldnt they use something...better? Also why not choose a spanish artist for the Spain based region?

    Oh and the video...why does it have to Kanto pandering over and over again? Is TPC this blind? I get that gen one is popular but pretending that other gens arent was proved times and times again to be wrong. Just recently BDSP in just 6 months outsold 4 year old LGPE, despite the former having rather poor promo campaign and getting a lot of negativity from the graphic style choice or staying too close to the original. But hey they've thrown in the three Galar starters (should've been Paldea starters if its meant for SV)
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