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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. I am not clicking on this.
  2. The energy you all have for Ed Sheeran right now is the energy you should have for SV's less-than-stellar-production design.

    They giving us scraps and toting out the ginger man as a distraction. Wake up!
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  3. The credits roll with you riding on Miraidon into the sunset to this.

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  4. Bizcochito expansion pass was already leaked btw.
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  5. “While supplies last” is also sending me. It’s digital shit, how is it gonna run out?
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Fashion Week in GO really brought back all the Furfou form requests clogging the trade market.

    I really hope Furfou returns in SV because it’s fucking tiring.
  8. Really? I love the design of the game so far. It’s a damn sight better than SwSh (a low bar admittedly).
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  9. I like the models of the human characters in SV, but the environments and models of the Pokemon dont look so great to me, especially the Pokemon in this more 'realistic' style. SWSH got them right already in that regard.
  10. Scarlet and Violet is out next month! Thats a little over 6 weeks left! Still i think its time for another big trailer, hopefully this week. I also wouldnt mind revealing a big feature that isnt just Pokemon and new pokemon forms (those are obvious).
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  11. Disagree. To me, SWSH Pokémon models looked like upscaled models from SM/USUM (which were fine for the 3DS but SWSH is a $60+ Switch game). Cheap, desaturated, and lifeless.

    I can’t speak on SV yet since, from the trailers, it just seems like a step up from New Snap, but New Snap had the best looking Pokémon thus far so it’s promising.
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  12. 6 weeks till we get to enroll in Uva Academy

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  13. nah I just prefer cel-shaded models as opposed to trying to make what was originally 2D designs look ‘realistic’.

    The saturation for sure could have been improved in SWSH/SM but I think it’s pretty silly to try and fully model certain 2D elements that were originally designed as graphic elements on purpose (eyes and certain mouths etc. Magikarp in Legends is a good example of this going wrong)

    I don’t need to see a furry Lucario. Unless it’s equally stylised, like the models we see in Unite, which are perfect <3

    Sprigatito’s model in SV is a good example of this new approach just looking very messy and unfinished. As if a 2D drawing was given a 3D Photoshop bevel effect.

    Pokémon models really benefit from that cel shaded outline.

    That whale Pokémon looks pretty nice though.
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  14. I'm SO hyped for this. Have been jumping back into Sword to just waltz around and do Star tournaments and it is FUN.
  15. Kinda crazy it’s out in a month. So quick!

    I feel like I’m getting Violet just because of the sword guy
  16. Yes! I knew it would happen this week. Hoping its a good one.
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  17. lovely art
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  18. rdp


    Terastallize is such an ugly visual I'm sorry
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