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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Re breeding, do we know if the egg species is still based on the mother, and if Ditto is in the game? Mostly wondering if it's worth resetting to get a female starter.
  2. Ditto is in the game.

    Haven’t seen anything about changes to how breeding works in terms of Parents otherwise (so, still based on the Mother).
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  3. 103.

    Keep in mind those new Donphans they showed in the last trailer are actually new Pokémon with different dex numbers though.
  4. I really haven't been following the drip campaign this year, so apologies if this is well known already. Do we know how "significant" the co-op feature is this time?

    I'm debating buying a copy, but if the co-op is sufficiently built out and not just some random battling with someone else, I'd consider buying the dual pack so my husband and I can play at the same time.
  5. XXX


    Looking forward to start and spend the weekend with Violet.

    I remember the first time playing Legends Arceus. It was so fun I played 4 hours just on the first evening. Hopefully this new game is just as much fun.
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  6. The mega designs are pretty iconic to be honest and I miss them. Gardevoir, Lopunny, Diancie, Ampharos, Sabeleye, Mawile, Audino, OK I'm starting to just list them all, I love them!
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  7. M-Lopunny adding in torn leggings and a cute top? Hejustlikemefrfr.jpg
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  8. Don’t you just love the “Amazon made an oopsy and despatched mine 2 days early” tweets

    like eff all the way off please no one needs that smugness in their face
  9. I still can't decide which version I want!
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  10. Scarlet (because most people here seem to be going for Violet and we need more Scarlet girls to balance it out nn)
  11. I can’t decide between Fuecoco and Sprigatito

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  12. That's what I'm leaning towards anyway because
    looks like Tyranitar is Scarlet-exclusive? I need.
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  13. One of us! One of us!
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  14. I’d be having the same dilemma if Sprigatito was anything other than a cat dd
  15. Personally i think im going with Quaxly. Still havent seen final forms allthough i did catch a glimpse of each one just by browsing.
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  16. Honestly, the tiktok's all about quaxly's evo
    being faggy as shit
    has made me waver on Sprigatito.
  17. Quaxly's final evo is easily my least favorite. Fuecoco all the way!
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  18. Sprigatito for me!
  19. I changed last minute to Scarlet, for multiple reasons, but I'm still picking Sprigatito!
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