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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. I lowkey hate how these are coming the same day as the Enchanted sequel. My queer gamer self being torn over what to focus on first.

    On another note, I bought Sword today in Smyths and I got a code for a level 100 shiny Eternatus. I don't know who she is but I am living for this purple/red queen sat in my party with a level 5 Grookey.
  2. I mean, I’d still rather they allow all Pokémon in the games even if it’s drip feed of DLC to keep it fresh.
  3. Rob


    I fully expect we'll get there in the next few years. Between Let's Go, Sword/Shield, Legends the and Diamond/Pearl remakes we nearly have all the HD models on Switch.
  4. Fingers crossed mine arrives tomorrow, I just saw it shipped this morning!
  5. Wish I'd never got it off Game.co.uk, cause it won't arrive for release day due to Northern Ireland being in their remote locations.
  6. I hadn't thought about it before, but do we know whether you actually get Koraidon or Miraidon as a Pokémon to use in your party when you get it as a vehicle, or if that only happens later? Just it'd be kinda weird to get a legendary early in the game, so I was thinking maybe they were "vehicle-only" at first.
  7. PLA deserved some DLC. This gen probably could have waited another year, I really think they should slow down.

    Yeah it’s separate from your party.
  8. I believe they are just riding Pokemon (hence why they are shiny locked). I've not read any spoilers re: story so I could be wrong but yeah.
  9. I better wake up to a dispatch email tomorrow.
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  10. I live in Northern Ireland and GAME is charging £9.99 for delivery to me, whereas in England and Wales it's £4.99 for standard delivery, very unfair because it doesn't state that it's a £9.99 charge for non-mainland UK addresses including Northern Ireland, Scotland and remote locations, it states that it will take longer, but nowhere does it state it's a fucking £9.99 delivery charge, the premium delivery charge is £9.99 but not standard and mine says standard, probably won't be using them again tbh. Sorry for the rant, I'm just hoping it's a glitch and it will arrive on Friday.
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  11. The way Miss Pinchurchin just destroyed Hop's final team one by one in my Sw/Sh playthrough was a total slay. Queen.
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  12. dispatch email just came through... lemme cry real quick
  13. Meanwhile on my end, Amazon is saying Tuesday? Jeff Bozo!
  14. I bought a digital copy of Violet so I'll be playing it at 9PM LA time. I cannot wait!
  15. Ms Violet is on her way!
    by 11pm tomorrow, but still.
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  16. Mine says it's being delivered to the store. Fingers crossed that means I'll be able to pick it up later today. Though then again, if the day one patch is only available on release day, I don't think I'd actually start the game early dd
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  17. [​IMG]
    Just one more day!
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  18. Rob


    Why don't you order from Smyths? They're usually cheaper, with free delivery and a lot quicker. I've gotten all pre-orders with them a day early but I went with Gamestop for Violet as they had a cute free coffee mug and I've yet to get a dispatch email.
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  19. My copy has been dispatched
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  20. Currys saying it would arrive on release day when I ordered but I have yet to receive a dispatch email

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