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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.


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    Starting my completely spoiler free playthrough now!
  2. Im about to choose my starter. So far it feels really good.
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  3. I’m really enjoying the first couple hours of this, it’s stomping Sword and Shield easily. The lag in some areas is a bit distracting but that’s pretty much my only complaint so far.

    Playing mostly blind to the leaks, Tarountula is a legend!! I really hope I like its evolution if it has one. I can’t believe they made the flamingo Pokémon be kinda butch and bro-like!!
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  4. 30 minutes in and I already had my first glitch <3
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  5. Solenciennes

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    The graphics... ouch. My fiancé has been playing for the last hour or so and I was watching, I like that you can just send your Pokemon out to punch out any nearby wild ones without you having to actually battle them!
  6. This is the second time I’ve had to shake down the Royal Mail delivery office for a Pokémon game they claimed was out for delivery - but never left their office.


    Anyway, time to play!
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  7. Waiting for my delivery at an unspecified time while a storm rages outside

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  8. Me, filled with hopes and dreams, on my way to UVA acadamy
  9. Oh, wow, the codes for 100 pokeballs in the dual pack...thanks for nothing!
    That being said I am much more glad that this arrived than I expected!
  10. Is it my imagination or do you get fewer experience points when you battle that way?
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  11. My delivery is 3 stops away let's go gworls.
    I'm a Sprigatito girlie too, me thinks.
  12. The fact that you can run into twenty+ different species before you even reach the first settlement/Pokémon center is a bit iconic. I already have a team of six with new Pokémon only (Fidough, Tarountula, Pawmi, Paldean Wooper, Wiglett and Sprigatito).

    Does anyone know if there's a NPC that buys stuff like stardust for a higher price by the way? Like that one in Sw/Sh that was after something different each day and paid double for it.
  13. Only got to play a few hours but I'm already sick of the amount of cutscenes before you can even do the first gym.

    If Nemona barges into my room one more time.

  14. Going to have to pick my copy up from the sorting office tomorrow before I get my flu vaccine.

  15. Hopefully it'll arrive tomorrow!

    Also in other news:
  16. So are we enjoying the shoddiness in a camp way or what ladies? I’ve had a week and would love to download the digital when I get home.
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  17. Well... My game did not arrive today...

    Fucking post!

  18. The game hiding tips on basic gameplay functions behind healing your party in the Pokémon center multiple times is kind of a weird design choice. Like, the controls aren't actually listed anywhere, so how was I supposed to guess you can press left to change your outfit or down to use the camera... I thought I just didn't have access to those features yet ff
  19. Arven is kinda rude…. And that’s kinda cute idk…
  20. Ladies… Don’t evolve your Tarountula.

    I feel like this is gonna be a recurring theme.
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