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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. That moment when you're given free reign after being assigned 8 Gyms to beat, 5 titans to look into and 5 Team Star leaders to take care of...

  2. This is both a reason and an excuse though. Just because that's the decision they made doesn't mean it's a good one. And it's not like both teams didn't know what elements were going into each game. The catching in Arceus fit the 3D open landscape perfectly. This game missing that element feels like such a regression. I loved sneaking around in Arceus, really exploring each little section of each little map, and more and more opening up the more Ride abilities I got. This is back to giving me Wild Area but Bigger vibes, but the wild areas were awful. There was several notes they should've taken from Arceus' direction and applied to this, and them being developed at the same time is just an excuse.
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  3. [​IMG]

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  4. Director Clavell is…. A character! I’ll just say that. Bless him.
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  5. I have to say I love what they did with the school setting. I thought it was going to be more of a gimmick but it's really well done. The Academy is very charming and it's cool how you can take various classes, have events/sidequests revolving around different characters and whatnot. It's a bit Persona-lite. It completely changing between day and night is cool as well.
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  6. kal


    To be fair, this goes both ways. Fan reactions are either too positive, or too negative, with few in between.

    I'd like to hear people's perspective after a week or two of playing Scarlet/Violet. I'm interested in how much these games are close to Legends Arceus (which I enjoyed tremendously) and whether they're closer to Sword/Shield. (which I played after Legends, and barely finished it, because it wasn't nearly as enjoyable)
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  7. I fucking hate myself because all of the complaints are absolutely valid and Game Freak/The Pokémon Company/Nintendo need to be held to account, but I’m still having a whale of a time and I realise I am absolutely the problem dd
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  8. I hope that it helps! My game does have the 3FPS windmills and occasional weird behaviours but it's not like... scarily slow with each battle so hopefully it is just that memory leak thing and they can patch it.
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  9. XXX


    The part where you have to gather the Sunflora is so bad in frame rates and overall performance. The trailer did not lie.
  10. Yeah I haven’t encountered too many bugs, though I’m not playing for more than an hour or so at a time. And I like how “overdesigned” the new Pokédex is nn.
  11. Am I missing something or is there no way to tell which food effects you currently have active?

    Also I really wish there was a way to set the map to stay pointing north instead of having it rotate. That's what I do in every other game, the map rotating only makes in harder to navigate and familiarise yourself with the world's layout.
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  12. There definitely is a way to the see the boosts, because I did it by accident a couple of times (I know this isn't helpful ddd, but I'll look when I'm playing again).

    On the latter, it's even more annoying because you can lock the main map by clicking in the right joystick, it's just the minimap you can't, so they obviously could have just done it surely.
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    For the food you have to press the "right" button on the same pad where you open your camera or change your outfit.

    I did lock my map with R and I've had no issues since.
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  14. Also, I know this is just me but the fact I can’t see where I last saved has made me feel unsafe.
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  15. With people being able to see how the game is (or isn’t working) under the hood before the thing is even out, you’d think they’d make the time to get it working properly. Like surely this was tested? It’s waiting for me at home so I’ll judge it properly tonight but it looks wild. Wether it overwhelms the actual gameplay experience remains to be seen (and I am very forgiving of all games in the performance department if the gameplay is there). But seriously Gamefreak, sort it out!
  16. I did think that might be it, but there was nothing there when I checked, I guess the food effect had just worn off by then.

    And I know you can lock the big map with R, I was talking about the mini-map. The fact that you seemingly can't lock that sucks.
  17. Whenever the phone rings

  18. Her whole vibe is STOP BEING POOR fjfjf
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