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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. I genuinely hate Nemona. She better have great character development but it’s a 2022 Pokémon game so I doubt it.
  2. My entire team is now overlevelled before I’ve even done a gym because I only just realised you can’t evolve from auto battles


    It’s all Pawmo and its dumb evolution method’s fault.
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  3. I'm enjoying the game! 4 gyms down, 3 titans & 2 Star teams, but I'm genuinely going at such a leisurely pace and not just rushing to finish like I normally do with these games. It also helps that the map actually feels quite large compared to Sword & Shield. Also I just like having my brother & cousin with me on the map even if we can't do anything together, it's cute. So far so good!

    My biggest gripe so far... I get that we're students but the clothing options are rancid. At least give us different combinations with our school colours if we HAVE to wear that only.
  4. It's sending me that you consider already having done all that when game came out literally yesterday "going at a leisurely pace" ddd
  5. I pretty much finished Sword in like 12 hours, and I've probably played Violet more than that already, so I consider that taking my time!
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  6. I've been avoiding auto-battle entirely as I didn't want yet another source of Exp when I feel you can easily get overleved just being taking your time to explore, not to mention I didn't want my Pokémon beating any wild Pokémon I might want to catch either, so I kinda hate learning that some Pokémon actually require it to evolve...
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  7. There are too many Pokémon to pick from
  8. Couldn’t get away from three wild battles in a row because these nosy fuckers will literally appear INSIDE YOU when you’re battling and refuse to leave, triggering a fight immediately as soon as you leave the previous one.
  9. This game having no outfit options is a crime.
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  10. I'm 9 hours in and haven't done anything. I feel like this is the best "exploring" experience in a Pokémon game ever. The Pokémon selection is also pretty great. Having super ealry acces to Pokémon like Larvitar, Axew and Swablu is pretty cool.
  11. Don't think any Pokémon had ever made me go "that's literally just a [animal the Pokémon is based on]" in the way Flamigo did. Unless you're actually seeing it up close and noticing the details, it looks just like an actual flamingo.
  12. This Vespiquen almost kicked my ass. I always forget how annoying it is when opponents use Rest nn.
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  13. XXX


    Bombirdier too nn. They really said "It's 5 minutes til deadline".
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  14. Why try to improve upon perfection! Her slay!
  15. Has anyone battled Pokémon trainer Angel yet? I did in the rain when his shirt was all wet and… I’ve said too much
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  16. I was in a wild battle once and upon exiting said battle I was somehow lodged inside a street lamp and the game had to reset me like I dove into the water without Koraidon's upgrade.
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  17. Dang, so should I not get this?
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  18. SUSHI
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  19. Um, I just played the first 5 hours with zero issues other than a few frame stutters I was expecting the worst haha!
  20. The game's just a bit rough around the edges but it's still a lot of fun, and I'm sure there'll be a patch to improve it soon anyway. I've spent quite a few hours on it between yesterday and today and it's played perfectly fine the whole time, the only bug I've come across was the ride Pokémon being stuck in a jumping animation after landing from a fall, but even that sorted itself out after a few seconds.
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