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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. How do you see currently active powers? I drank something and it’s not hitting.
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  2. Press right on the d-pad. The food effects last 30 minutes (or at least the picnic ones do, I assume it's the same for food you buy).
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  3. Rob


    One change over Sw/Sh I really appreciate is how speedy the Tera Raid Battles are vs. the Max Raid Dens. The pace at which they can be done compared to the tedious slog previously makes them far more enticing.
  4. Nnnnnot the students in the classroom all moving with the same animation at 1fps. I love this game haha!
  5. I just caught a Nymble in a dragon den, it’s so cute.

    My team:

    and a bunch on reserve I’m curious about (as well as my starter because it’s over leveled). Caught a Flittle and I’m glad I didn’t keep up with the pokedex leaks super closely because I have no idea what this thing is supposed to be or evolve into.

    I haven’t even attempted any of the gyms/bases/Titans yet as I’ve only been playing in short bursts so mostly catching stuff etc.
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  6. You will never guess.

    My team so far:

    I know I’ve doubled up on Grass with Jumpluff and Floragato, but Jumpluff is one of my all time faves and can’t miss a spot on my team! Grafaiai and Pawmo have been getting a lot of love from me lately. The former is maybe my favorite new design of this gen I’ve encountered so far.
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  7. It evolves into

  8. My Rellor just evolved and it seems I might have an all-bug team this gen.

    What a cool little weirdo.

    edit: oh I just read it’s pokedex entry and it’s a very loving father? Omg bless him.
  9. Can’t find a Flabebe to do the Snom trade :( stupid flower
  10. I did wonder if Flittle didn't evolve at first because the silhouette of the Pokémon that comes after it in the Pokédex looks completely unrelated. It's looking like a Remoraid into Octillery kind of deal nn. On the other end of the spectrum you have the Pawmi line, which barely changes as it evolves (twice). I do like the designs but it feels a bit lazy.

    Anyway, I've been swapping some Pokémon in and out to try new ones and avoid getting overleved, but my current main team is

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  11. Clodsire is gonna make a GREAT plush toy in the future, maybe their best ever plushy.
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  12. My final Team for the league was:


    I like Palafin’s gimmick, cause while I do think the other form is a lot of fun, I’m glad it can stay cute for most of the time.
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  13. Keeping your Greavard unevolved was a good choice. I might find another and do the same. However the one I evolved had a Dragon Tera type :’)

    Maybe I’ll find another with the same typing down the line lol
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  14. I'm trying to get to the area where Sinistea is so I can evolve my Charcadet
  15. I wonder if the Paradox Pokémon will ever get normal names. Probably not!

    Play Rough STILL being the only distributed physical Fairy type move.
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  16. Tinkaton omg

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  17. Been playing on and off over the weekend. Graphical issues aside, I’m enjoying it immensely.

    Here’s my team after three gyms, two titans and a base.

  18. I have a hard time deciding who i want on my team. Quaxwell is here to stay and the second one i want to keep is Phanpy simply because i never used one really. I was thinking about Dreepy. It was so late in SWSH so i never considered it and here i can get it around level 20 which is wild. As for the remaining three id probably want some new mons, not sure which ones though. Im using the salt cube thingy, its fine.
  19. Look at Dreepy’s moveset before going for it. You will probably change your mind dddd You’re stuck with that until level 50…
  20. I'm enjoying this game a lot so far but I absolutely hate what they did with the towns. In older games there was always something interesting in each one, be it a facility, a useful NPC, a store selling different items or something else. Here there's just absolutely nothing to do in them other than visit the same copy pasted food menus shops that are literally identical everywhere. Like, where's the battle restaurant, the Pokémon fan club, the museum, the shopping centre, the laboratory, the market, etc etc. Looking around each new town you visit has always been one of my favourite aspects of Pokémon games (and JRPGs in general), and this game is completely unsatisfying when it comes to that. The towns may look nice but there's just zero substance to them.
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