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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. I’m having g a great time with the game and have somehow played it all day and not really achieved anything haha! Levincia is a cool city with a boo soundtrack and nothing in it! I smirk every time you leave a shop and the character basically falls out of the sky for a second like they just got thrown out.
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  2. It really bothers me how it never takes this sushi-like stance when actually using it i the game. It doesn't in battles and neither when walking in the overworld, so what was the point?

    The only time I ever saw it like this was is in the Pokédex photo.

  3. Not looking at any spoilers has honestly changed the game. Just burst into hysterical laughter seeing Quaquaval for the first time
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  4. Rellor evolving into Rabsca was a GAG. The glow-up.
  5. Why did none of you limp wrists tell me about thee powerhouse miss Flamigo? Her effortlessly clearing the South Province girls with her double kicks. Queen! I'm sad she doesn't evolve because she'll probably be boxed but i'll always respect her!

    I've decided to try and evolve Gimmighoul because there's just something so absurdly high fashion about that gold abomination Gholdengo. I want to ask him questions... like where did you get that fanny pack sis? But yeah. I find the map a little overwhelming sometimes but generally i'm having fun!
  6. Ladies the gasp I let out when Flittle evolved. Gay rights EVOKED. Karen chicken
  7. mvp of the game for me so far.

    Also I like Nemona’s character, but compared to Arven I think she needs a design that makes her stand out a little more.
  8. I can't tell if you mean "evoked" or "revoked." Are you gagging or not??
  9. Oops!

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  10. I wonder if there were plans for there to be seasons in this game that got scrapped somewhere along the way. There's a different school uniform for each season, Deerling/Sawsbuck, the two Season Pokémon, are in the game, and the four Squawkabily colours match the four seasons (green - Spring, blue - Summer, yellow - Autumn and white - Winter) so maybe the original plan was for one colour to be available in each one. The four Oricorios could have worked like that too now that I think about it. It just feels like seasons would have made sense with the way Paldea works/looks too.
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  11. I’ve gone in relatively blind and some of these designs are wild!
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  12. ‘That’s the first time I’ve ever heard his voice in years’

    nah let me go.

  13. The way I scrambled to catch a Toedscool before I realised it wasn't a shiny. I hate Game Freak.
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  14. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    Okay but... Wiglett and Toedscool are a bit of a scream actually
  15. My Annihilape entering the Normal type gym

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  16. The history teacher Raifort is so cool. I’ll have to gush about what I actually like about this game a little later but one thing for sure is that the writing is leagues better than any of the mainline Pokémon games before it.

    Everyone has such well defined and organic personalities.

    And I just found out you can change a mon’s Tera type, had a feeling you could, pretty sweet.
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  17. Scream at that trainer on the way to the sky titan that asks you to buy her CD and then complains about how no-one buys her music anymore because of streaming.

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  18. OK but can we talk about this QUEEN?

    Taking a wholesome heterosexual symbol and turning it into a jerk that drops things on people’s heads for fun… I don’t know a better bird.
  19. Oh, so it turns out the shitty E4 music was a bug and the actual song is amazing. I FEEL SO CHEATED!

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  20. Scream. How does that happen? I was adding custom music with handmade loop points to Mario Kart games since I was 15. The time crunch strikes again!
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