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I'd love to know the process for deciding which Pokemon to return in a new generation game, like, do they come up with environments and then pick Pokemon to populate them that make sense with their direction? Where do ideas like Toedscool and Wiglett come in? I find that part fascinating. Obviously there are many problems with the graphics and gameplay but I do think there are a lot of things they've gotten right that are being buried beneath the layers of problems on display.
I'd be happy if Gen 10 was a more polished/advanced version of what they aimed for in Gen 9, while also bringing back some elements from older games, namely making towns actually fun/interesting rather than just pitstops between open world treks.

It's nice knowing that, despite these gameplay evolutions, we'll likely also still get more traditional, non-open world Pokémon experiences in the future with the older games remakes and whatnot. Looking at the five Pokémon Switch games, it's pretty cool how they all feel so different from eachother, I'm definitely here for that diverse approach to the series to continue going forward.
What do all the food benefits actually mean and how do you cook? It's weird for a game series that's so insistent on hand-holding that they haven't actually explained how new features work.

You can see what the food effects do in the adventure manual (which is in the key items). And to cook you need to set up a picnic and then interact with the table.


Area Zero being a huge crater and being abbreviated as AZ... the map cutting off right where it would connect to the southern part of Kalos we never got to explore... as well as

one of the books in the school depicting a monstrous reptilian being made up of hexagons... Yeah, I think we are in for some Kalos shenanigans in the DLC. If they bring Megas back + create new ones the fandom will implode.
Tatsugiri playing dead as sushi in the overworld is toooo funny. Also Tinkaton throwing her hammer down and sleeping on top of it at picnics is adorable.
A couple of questions for the girls who've hit the post-game:

1) Do you ever unlock more box wallpapers?
2) Is there any reason to hold on to LP? As in, aside from TMs, is there anything that can be bought with LP but not with money?
Just gotten my 5th badge in Sword and really loving the game. I restarted a few days ago because I really hated the grass starter.
My team keeps swapping but the one I have settled on for a while now is:


Indeedee is a beast. Cramorant and Arctozolt are dopey legends (but the latter needs a better movepool) Drapion has been a fave since it first premiered. Cinderace is a solid bunny and Sirfetch'd is just pure awesomeness. I live for that warrior duck.
Why do I still have the urge to buy Violet though.


*clown emoji*
There is a special place in Hell for whoever came up with that Spiritomb wisp hunting game in Legends Arceus.

No seriously, the Diglett is easy enough for me to find but fuck me those wisps just don’t appear! Even went through a whole video to see the locations (which, was a pain in the ass) and couldn’t see the ones I’m missing! I’m assuming my save is bugged because I would spend 5 minutes in the spot making sure I got as close as the guides show from every angle. Hate hate hate! And the fact it’s necessary… fuuuuuckkkk youuuuuuu.