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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. A couple of questions for the girls who've hit the post-game:

    1) Do you ever unlock more box wallpapers?
    2) Is there any reason to hold on to LP? As in, aside from TMs, is there anything that can be bought with LP but not with money?
  2. Just gotten my 5th badge in Sword and really loving the game. I restarted a few days ago because I really hated the grass starter.
    My team keeps swapping but the one I have settled on for a while now is:


    Indeedee is a beast. Cramorant and Arctozolt are dopey legends (but the latter needs a better movepool) Drapion has been a fave since it first premiered. Cinderace is a solid bunny and Sirfetch'd is just pure awesomeness. I live for that warrior duck.
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  3. Yas Sword love. A great game. A great Pokemon game. It has sooo much post-game stuff as well, I put over 150 hours into it
  4. kal



    *clown emoji*
  5. This game has captured me so much more than Legends Arceus.
  6. Fixed!

    No seriously, the Diglett is easy enough for me to find but fuck me those wisps just don’t appear! Even went through a whole video to see the locations (which, was a pain in the ass) and couldn’t see the ones I’m missing! I’m assuming my save is bugged because I would spend 5 minutes in the spot making sure I got as close as the guides show from every angle. Hate hate hate! And the fact it’s necessary… fuuuuuckkkk youuuuuuu.
  7. I've not played Legends yet but I'll take your word for this.
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  8. I'm having a good time and this is still funny ddd
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  9. Playing mostly blind to everything that wasn’t in the trailers upped my enjoyment of the game so much I’m considering just going FULLY blind for whatever they announce next.
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  10. My Nacli just evolved... What in the M*n*cr*ft...
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  11. Palafin……. This is the exact kind of design that people fear when talking about new starter evos.

    Nah this is so wild omg…
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  12. Do we think they will patch anything in the Game considering its a mainline title? Legends was left to rot but they're going to be looking to expand this via DLC...
  13. Yes, primarily because this will be the title they use for competitive battles at Worlds etc for the next few years.

    Patches kind of have to happen really.
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  14. It’s already confirmed to get DLC by leakers and the game code, but yeah, one of the devs already said on Twitter they are going to correct the E4 music glitch, so I assume other stuff will be taken care of.
  15. The bass in the South Province battle theme...

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  16. Fully evolved my Quaxwell (waited till it was lvl 50) and… we really won. Love him.
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  17. This is hysterical. The hammer being the same color???

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  18. I’ve only done two titans but Arvens story is kinda touching huh.
  19. My game crashing when I initiate some trainer battles seems nothing compared to these
  20. oh so that’s what the final evo looks like. It was really looking rough for the first two stages but ended up nice.

    Wish its hands/legs weren’t so stumpy, but love the hair!

    … hammer users are a staple in MOBAs so I wouldnt be surprised if I see her in Unite next year.
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