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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Welp, got my first softlock this evening.

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  2. Speaking of shinies, knowing that at any moment you can be walking right past one without even realising is frustrating ff. The way Pokémon colours can change quite a bit depending on the time of day, weather and location probably makes the less obvious ones even harder to spot.
  3. I think between Sun and Moon right up to Legends I might have 100 shiny mon lmao. Maybe more.

    (Now im reminded of the time I bred 6 shiny Clobbopus just so I could get one that was male, had its hidden ability and the right IVs.)

    I do enjoy a good shiny hunt if the method is efficient enough to organise. I just think a team full of shinies often looks ugly. Shinies are like seasoning! (To me, haha)
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  4. Has anyone done any breeding in this game yet? I imagine it's probably a bit of a chore since you have to sit in the picnic waiting for the eggs to spawn, no? Can't picture it being possible to get eggs at a similar pace as you could in older games, not to mention it sucks you can't hatch them while waiting for more to appear either.
  5. The eggs (from what I've gathered) are actually a lot quicker and they stack so you don't have to pick one up, and wait for another.
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  6. For sure, that's why im sticking to breeding shinies this gen if I must. A little too stressful without the visual/audio cue.

    Oh this sounds delightful.
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  7. Not someone coming for ServingLEWQSabilly while praising the lazy ass Flamingo Pokémon that’s literally a stock cartoon of a Flamingo named Flamigo in the same breath. The taste is truly evaporated.

    I don’t have any desire to breed yet (haven’t gotten anything with a Hidden Ability or in a Special Ball yet) but it sounds like fun. We can host a Popjustice Breeding Orgy if we play together too. The fun is in sorting out custody!
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  8. Why are you enforcing gender stereotypes, sister?!?

    Nn I also tried to replace my female Palafin but gave up. She is what she is!
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  9. My team is so butch nn. Jumpluff being the lone female in a sea of testosterone. Queen!
  10. ddd I felt so bad and I totally felt like medieval king with all these shiny daughters that simply could not be my heir!

    btw how do you feel about Palafin's other form? When I noticed it had fingers I was so shook...
  11. Eggs hatch in a few minutes and maybe seconds [citation needed but I swear saw it somewhere ddd] if you stack powers and Flame Body, so it’s actually super efficient from what I’ve seen.
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  12. Flamigo does look basic at first glance but it's actually a bit genius when you realise it's not meant to look like a real flamingo, but rather a balloon animal (the round body, the shape of its face, the way the base of its neck is knotted).

    To each their own of course but I'd say that's a whole lot more inspired than... a parakeet with a pompadour.
  13. They just didnt want the flamingo to detract from the other kicking bird's shine. Quaquaval you will always be famous!
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  14. lmao never getting a stable game again.
  15. A Flamingo is a fairly common balloon animal choice (at least it was in the USA in the 90s) though so I’m still not impressed but to each their own indeed. Besides, both were probably made by James Turner anyways.

    The true avian icon of this Gen. Every other bird is a flop compared to this Queen!
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  16. Wow, very awesome! I hope to have that many one day.
  17. Quaquaval is deeply overrated. Queer icon, my foot.
  18. Unrelated but I keep singing your name in my head to Madonna's Erotica.

    milotic, milotic put your hands all over my body.

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  19. not this masc4masc nonsense in the Pokemon thread, get out. Let the quaggot be!
  20. Back in my day, gay Pokémon were kind of creepy and we liked it!
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