Quaquaval is deeply overrated. Queer icon, my foot.

You know what?

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Given the school setting it makes sense the "evil" team would be pesky but ultimately harmless delinquents rather than actual criminals/villains. I think it's fun how Team Star plays on the whole Japanese biker gang thing, down to Clive's pompadour being the traditional hairstyle associated with that. Certainly an improvement compared to Team Yell, now that was absolutely stupid.

I don’t mind that they’re just delinquents* but could they at least do something a little misguided? I don’t know, rob a Delibird Presents or something. I didn’t see a single Team Star member terrorizing the west province until I stormed their base and beat them up. For what? I’ve only cleared Giacomo’s base so maybe there’s more to it, it’s a little underbaked right now.

*However this is the third gen in a row with delinquents. Bring back cults with ugly haircuts!

The Taylor Swift of video games ?

I’m conflicted. Like, I truly believe the creative team, designers, developers and programmers working under an obvious time crunch mostly deserve to have their work celebrated, and I’m glad this relatively big leap forward in gameplay is being rewarded with success so they can keep expanding the scope of the game, but The Pokémon Company truly has no reason to stop the yearly release schedule now does it?

Pokémon is the definition of too big to fail, but honestly, it could be much worse. The core GameFreak team clearly still has passion and vision and creativity and tries to put love in the game, this is evident with the still great Pokémon and human designs, the story and the characters, the concepts, it’s just a shame they have so much working against them. They could be phoning it in much more, though.
I don't think that while playing Red, Silver or something later, I've ever come across a shiny or I just didn't notice - poor me.
But maybe I will try some hunting in Violet.
I thought these terra pokemon were the shinies. *flop*

I've just made it to the first town and gosh it's empy and yes I'm slow and enjoying it. I got wiped out by a growlite from a trainer, rip. Probably I should train my team a bit.
I don't mind that you can't go into most of the buildings, there's enough going on outside to keep you occupied. In the past when you'd walk into majority of the houses and there'd be some lifeless NPC sat on a chair and you go over to talk to them/check for signs off life and they exclaim......If you give a Pokémon a Potion their HP will restore. Keep it.
I don't know why you all think Miraidon is thee queer icon when Miss Koraidon is serving DRAMA with that pompadour and antennae-cum-braids. Girls, it's giving camp.

On the Legends versus Scarlet/Violet discourse, Legends was a lot of fun and a breath of fresh air, but Scarlet has the edge for me in terms of sheer scope, things to do, places to explore, breadth of the Pokedex, etc.

Both make feel exactly like I did when I picked up Red back in 1999. S/V with the same catching mechanics as Legends plus a patch to fix the bugs would be 10/10 for me.
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