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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Rob


    I'm actually gagged at how hard Digital Foundry went in on this, some scenes only running at 2FPS is a fucking scream.

  2. So assuming they will want Gen 10 to coincide with the 30th anniversary year, that gives them an extra year at the current rate of mainline games to iron out any performance issues and improve the graphics to make the ultimate slay Pokémon game

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  3. We'll likely not hear a peep about any new games for a good while, with the S/V DLC probably taking all/most of 2023, but I'm definitely curious to see what's coming next. Let's Go Mareep/Marill, Bright White/Pitch Black and Legends Genesect all sound fun, though of course I'd be here for something different too.
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  4. I think it'd be Let's Go Togepi tho?
  5. Not Nurse Miriam trauma dumping to a kid…
  6. Gen V remakes and an Arceus like Kalos spin off in a 1600s style era plz
  7. Random but I wish the areas in this game were better named. "South Province (Area 5)" or "West Province (Area 3)" are such nothingy, flavourless names. They're kinda giving "placeholder name" and I imagine most people won't even end up associating the names with the places. The numbered thing doesn't even have a practical use in the same way it did when it came to numbered routes in older games. Something like giving each of the provinces actual names and then sub-dividing them based on their location in the map would have made more sense.
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  8. I would like a Pokémon Colosseum remake/sequel.
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  9. When they started comparing it to Breath of the Wild which came out 5 years ago...

  10. I wasn't even thinking about spin-offs, but I'd love a new, non-remake Mystery Dungeon game, a new Pokkén and for the Detective Pikachu Switch game to finally materialise. I doubt Pokkén will happen though, but at least the other two seem fairly realistic.
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  11. OK, I'm nearing the end of the main story and all us PokéPuffs who picked Violet for the professor...

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  12. You’re telling me! I’m fucking LOST

    Why is this so accurate? I’m sobbing!
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  13. Gen 5 remakes paying B2W2 dust is going to be a mess. Ideally we get B3W3 instead.

    For a Legends Unova game, I think it would be more interesting to be set in a snowy, apocalyptic future. One of the themes of the games was technology vs nature so having abandoned human settlements taken over by the wild is more of an inspiring concept to me. If they have to do a game set in the past give us wild west steam punk.

    Colosseum and XD were so fun (yet incredibly frustrating). Great concept, and I wish they included double battles more often. Kinda weird it’s the official tournament format but you rarely get to experience it in the games.

    Also did the absurd JRPG character design first before it became norm for the franchise ddd.
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  14. Team Scarlet, rise up this is the beginning.
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  15. Maybe the bugs and glitches were just a GENIUS marketing campaign
  16. I think it’s to make it easier to identify the locations when chatting with friends? It’s such a huge map and it is hard to sometimes figure everything out. But I agree I would have loved them to have a name and then have that under it.
  17. rdp


    Let's be real they'll go with Let's Go Pikachu 2: Adventures in Johto
  18. I could do with a return to Johto in any form, Let’s Go or Legends. I think a Legends style game would be gorgeous though, I’d love to get some more of the ancient lore surrounding it.
  19. I have a friend who is a software engineer and much bigger Pokemon fanboy than I am who I can tell really wants to admit the games are a programming dumpster fire but it's almost like he's possessed by GameFreak themselves and won't say anything other than "yeah it's not great" while he's watching my game drop to 2 frames per second in real time while I enter a city. ddd.

    He still enjoys the game despite the absolute mess it is which is fair but I feel like this holding the tongue mentality applies to a lot of Pokemon defenders this decade. On Twitter it feels like there's a lot of people who refuse to admit just how far their favorite franchise has fallen.
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  20. kal


    I’m over blaming GameFreak. It’s The Pokémon Company who needs to be held accountable.

    But I also bought Violet, so I’m obviously not one to talk.
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