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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. I mean...they either wanted to hint hard at it or simply troll people, but this being in the last direct is suspicious:

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  2. I hope a Legends Johto game is less barren and has more towns and settlements.
  3. A game can have some technical issues while still being a blast to play. The idea that people should be acting like this is the worst game of all time over some frame drops and other likely easily patchable niggles is a bit weird. Like, it's not flawless but it absolutely is a super enjoyable experience.
  4. Caught my first shiny ever, this cute little guy!

  5. Let's Go 2: Electric Pikachu
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  6. Of course I find a shiny and it's Ghastly... with Gengar being the worst Shiny color swap in all of Pokemon.
  7. kal


    Sis, what color swap? They're the same picture dot jpeg.
  8. Shiny Mega/Gigantimax Gengar makes up for it though
  9. I think you can talk your shit about a product you bought. You bought it, you'd be speaking from experience at least lol.

    Also I never played Johto so a lets go remake would be fine for me, though that catching mechanic is boring as hell. But aesthetically I would love it.
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  10. You can catch Pokémon normally in battle in Legends too, throwing balls from the overworld is not the only way.
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  11. This is one of my all time faves. Look at that lil lilac cutie!
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  12. I want a refund but I also can’t stop playing. They got me gal.
  13. I'm trying to use new Mons this playthrough and struggling a bitsy. Anyone got any recommendations? So far I have: the grass starter, the dolphin, the electric dog, the fairy scone thing. I'm playing around with a Swablu as well and she's... Cute.
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  14. I know, I was shocked because at first I thought it was at sunset / golden hour. Thankfully that little lilac baby is holding onto an everstone.
  15. I haven’t seen enough love for Glimmora. Probably my favorite new Pokémon.

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  16. I got a shiny Hoppip before even reaching the school LOL. I had to do a double take when I saw a green one running around with another! Bring back the shiny effect from Arceus!!
  17. Listen I don’t need ideal natures for the main quest but why does everything I catch have to have the sad blue arrow next to its best base stat?
  18. I've tried a bunch of the new Pokémon, and aside from some Normal types Finizen is probably the most useless. I suppose it gets good after evolving but it takes a while to get there so at least until you get to that level range I'd just ditch it. I'm also using the other three you mentioned and I think they're great. Going for for example Wugtrio, Clodsire and Lokix would probably complement them well, and they can all be caught/evolved early. But from what I've seen most of the new Pokémon are good, it's fun to just try a few of them and see which ones you like.
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  19. That’s quite the understatement ddd

    You can buy mints at Chansey Supplies!
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  20. Natures definitely don't matter that much going through the game but I still never use Pokémon with detrimental or completely useless ones (basically, physical attackers with -Atk or +SpA and special attackers with -SpA or +Atk). I usually catch two or three of a species and then go with the one with the best nature/ability, but when that doesn't work you can just pop a mint. It's nice how you can actually run into a few very early in the game this time around.
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