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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Charley, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. Not until being a bit well into the game though, I'm about halfway through the objectives and still don't have them for sale. It is super convenient how it seems you can buy pretty much everything in this game though, like stuff you only got one of in older games and had to rely on Pokémon drops, CP or other methods to get more.
  2. Legends?

    I remember Let’s Go mostly having the Pokémon Go catching style mechanic. Which got old fast, but there’s enough I haven’t experienced about Johto for me to not mind a remake in that style. If it must happen.
  3. So, I finally ran into my first shiny Pokemon ever... Sinistea! Not a bad first shiny to run into. I also did a Surprise Trade today and got a shiny Mudsdale...

    I'm also up to 314 Pokemon... about to hit the harder Pokemon to catch to finish my Pokedex. Does anyone need a Sprigatito? I'll trade one for a Water starter...
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  4. Oh. I misread your post, nevermind dd
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  5. Just reached the first poke center, and biggest what the fuck yet:
    Why the hell would you need to hide the camera guide? Why would you ever want those icons to be in the photo??? I took a bunch of great photos...with the guide icons on them. Why make it/present it as a feature if it's half the function and the other half is merely the console's screenshot function? Having to turn those off before taking the picture was probably explained in-game somewhere and I missed it, didn't I... And can you even get your pokemon to look at the camera or do you just have to time things perfectly yourself and hope for the best? It's what I've been doing and it is exhausting. Between this and the messed up photos... I am disheartened.
    Still, probably going to start over. I had a bunch of great shots with all the starters, Koraidon, a flock of fletchling watching me, a group of hoppip sleeping together etc to share with friends who don't have the game yet...and I'd like to have them without the icons on them...

    Anyway, up to the first pokemon center it is the best experience we have had for this first part of any pokemon game. The pace is amazing (and the flaws hilarious, but probably for another post), and it is promising for the rest of the game and whatever they release next.
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  6. rdp


    I appreciate the vibes but at the same I'm like

  7. Sentient artichoke.
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  8. Exact same feeling re: camera feature (and everything else here tbh)

    I find it a bit too fiddly so I just don’t bother with it ddd
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  9. Waiting impatiently for jumbo size Clodsire plushie.
  10. Wait at these school classes actually being educational, I had no idea until today that critical hits have a base 4% chance of happening. They're very entertaining too, Professor Gible in the Art class always cracks me up, and it's cool learning about Paldean lore in the History one. Got midterms coming up now dd
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  11. I am in LOVE with Ms Raifort’s history class. Why is she the Bayonetta of Pokémon.
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  12. Ddd I really have no idea but I love her so much. Very nice Sp Atk stat as well.

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  13. Now why did I just find out about Kingambit while facing the elite four…
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  15. Quaquaval is the gayest starter final evolution in all of Pokemon. I'm living
  16. I was trying not to make it seem like people aren't allowed to enjoy the game. Just, it's the fact that so many people are downplaying or straight up pretending there aren't a million (yes, relatively minor) issues just because they're having fun is weird.

    Both of these things can be true at once, I know that. My point was more I don't like the fact people are ignoring how objectively bad the game is when compared to the standard. It's fun because it's Pokemon at its core and The Pokemon Company doesn't really take criticism as seriously as it did in the 90s/early 2000s so it sucks.
  17. jj_


    Ever since Sun/Moon I had found it a chore to go through the story of Pokemon games given their linearity and difficulty level (close to none), I would just rush it to reach the post game and build teams to play online, but this one I'm really enjoying so far! Maybe a little too much: the routes are SO big, I often have the feeling I am missing out on so much (items, dens, trainers, pokemon, shinies) that I literally have spent days on just one area (South Province area 3). The map doesn't really help that much - if anything it kinda makes it more confusing. Thankfully I have found a guide on Reddit on the order to follow throughout the game to keep up with the levels of the gyms/trials/team star, as I do need some structure.

    So far I have beaten 1 gym (Bug) and fought the rock crab. Next I will take on the grass gym. My pokemon are all on 20-22 level and the team so far is:

    Dreadnaw - Strong Jaw ability
    Hariyama - Guts (do you get Toxic/Flame Orbs somewhat early in this game??)
    Oricorio (red) - Dancer
    Jigglypuff - Competitive
    Luxio (shiny!!) - Rivalry
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  18. Pokemon variants are just so fucking FUN. It's so good to see Gamefreak being able to have fun with designs. This may be my favourite generation for designs ever.
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  19. Just caught a shiny Snorunt! It’s such a great colour. I’ll have two in my collection now, the last was in Platinum!
  20. So Gen 9 added seven new type combinations, and as of now these are the only nine unused ones:


    I imagine we might finally have every possible combination by Gen 10, unless they add a new type. Still, some of these seem like such obvious combos it's wild they still haven't been used, like Fire/Fairy, Ghost/Rock and Dragon/Bug. Normal/Steel is probably the weirdest one, the two types are basically opposites design-wise, so curious how they'd make that work.
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